Monday, July 21, 2014

Sew First, Sort Later

On a whim—which is how the best and worst of things usually start, right?—I began sewing 16-patches last weekend.

Before the whim, however, I had been cleaning the sewing space.  All that fabric folding and fondling led to pulling various things from the stash and musing Whatever shall I make with this?  And this?  Or this?

I like my stash, I really do.  It's eclectic, just like my musical taste and my taste in movies.  Part Frank Sinatra, part Band of Skulls; Pride and Prejudice and The Big Lebowski.

Don't you love that crazy vintage print underneath this stack of modern ones?  I mean, what is all that business going on?  Must make something with this lot, I don't know what yet.  The suggestion box is open. I only have a FQ of the pink and the blue-green rectangles, so something small.

Back to the 16-patches, I mashed up a few fabric pairs and this is what I have going so far.

I don't know if I'll end up throwing it all together in one crazy-busy quilt.  I'm just sewing first and figuring things out later.

I gave Kathy, the friend who is having me make the chevron quilts for her grandsons, these two mug rugs or minis, so she can remember her grandson's quilts by.

In other news, our 31-year-old washing machine broke last week.  The washer and dryer had been a wedding gift from my parents.

We'd had both fixed once or twice through the years, a belt here or a heating element there, but they otherwise ran like champs up until the bitter end.  This time the washer went out literally with a bang.  Lots of banging, in fact.  It sounded like a ginormous load unbalanced situation, but when Norm went down to see about it, he found a six-inch metal plate laying inside the washer, having sheared off from somewhere in the inner workings, and all the clothes spattered with some kind of rusty schmutz.  In other words, it wasn't pretty.

So we bought a Speed Queen set and take delivery of it this Wednesday.  I'm stoked!  Speed Queen, that standard of laundromats and college dorms.  It feels kind of old-fashioned, no digital controls, no front loading or steam jets. Just a regular ole agitator and plenty of swishing water action, but I needed another workhorse pair.  They still make Speed Queens with all-metal parts, something I like about my vintage Singer and newer Juki sewing machines as well.  And they're a "Sconnie" company, built right up the road about 40 miles.  Check out this vintage ad from the 1970s. 

(Image Source)
Silver metallic pants and go-go boots!  Groovy baby!


Sarah Craig said...

Did you see the 16 patch quilt design I pinned yesterday? A little different than your typical 16-patch, and might work well with your busy blocks! (Which I love, by the way!)

Sew Much For Free Time said...

Those 16 patches are sooooo pretty! Isn't it fun to wait and see where a project will go? And the vintage print looks so nice with its friends. I think I'd make a quilted hand bag with coordinating scrappy zipper pouch, but of course a quilt would be lovely, too.

I have your blog book marked and I have been reading for a while, but I am not sure I knew that we were 'neighbors". I am a Sconnie girl, too!

I am a brand new blogger, but I think I spend more time reading blogs than I do sewing and blogging put together!

Kim said...

Love that vintage fabric. That's the problem with tidying one's fabric stash, one spends a lot of time planning future projects. Your 16 patch is looking, love the fabrics, colours and busyness of it. You've had your washing machine for 31 years...that is amazing!!

Karen said...

Oh wow those 16 patches are so fun aren't they? I am blown away by the number of years you got out of your washer and dryer!! That is amazing. I bet the new ones will be easier on energy consumption? I sorta wish ours would go, want the front loads :)

Hazel said...

I really like the look of the 16 patch, and also would have never thought of the modern fabrics juxtaposed with the vintage print. It looks really cool!

Shay said...

RIP Washing Machine - you had a good innings and served P well . Rest now in that great junkyard in the sky.

Love the 16 patches. I'm seeing a whole crazy bright amazing quilt.Only you could pull it off !

Marti said...

Love your 16 patches. Points look so perfect!

I like your new set of fabrics and think you could go with just about any pattern. That was no help, was it?

Sorry your ducks left without saying goodbye. Maybe they'll write.

Michelle said...

I had no idea such machines still existed! I think your parents got their money's worth on that buy. :D


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