Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Catching Up

Well, there's been quite the lull over here, huh?  The summer has been humming right along and here we are in August already.  How'd that happen?

I have been making 16-patch blocks here and there.  Here's how things stand so far on the scrappy 16-patch quilt.

I'm not sure whether to add more to make it five blocks across by six down, or leave it as is.  I'm not sure whether I love it yet, either.  I mean, I like it fine, and once it's done I'll be happy to toss it over me while I watch TV, and that's good.  I think it'll maybe grow on me. 

You may recall the Key to My Heart quilt I made early in the year.  It was recently gifted to my nephew Cody and Courtney's baby girl, Cali Jean, born a couple weeks ago.

What a cute little peanut she is, here with first-time grandma, my sister Nita:

And Cali below checking out her new quilt.  "Oh, how beautiful!" she is cooing.  Nah, she was just getting hungry, but I like her expression.

Norm went to the Renaissance Fair a couple weeks ago with friends.  It was Steampunk weekend, and they dressed in full garb.  

Photo by Brian Schultz, via Flickr
Photographer Brian Schultz took a nice head shot of Norm, which we found a few days later on Flickr.  There are a lot of cool photos in his Ren Faire and Steampunk groups, should you want to check it out.

When the new washer and dryer went in recently, I took the old mid-century, parental cast-off table that sat next to the washer outside to be hosed off.  It holds the laundry soaps and bleaches, etc.

This is after cleaning it, so you can see it's pretty worse for wear.  But I left it in the garage for now, because I feel another furniture painting episode coming on.  I'll probably use the tropical coral color on it, for better or worse (it sits in the basement where the sun doesn't shine).  I'm going to prime it first and use a poly sealer after its painted, not wax. 

But first, next week, I have to quilt and bind the second chevron quilt.  That's been in a stall for a bit, but I have a self-imposed deadline which I intend to meet.

Another project I've committed to is making some kennel quilts for the animal surgery where my daughter works.  She gave me a box of her "funky scrubs," with cute prints, that she can't wear anymore because they've gone to uniform scrubs.  I've been pinning easy quilt ideas on Pinterest to make use of the upcycled fabric.  Stay tuned.

Finally, I did a fun and quick little project last weekend, which took all of 15 minutes.  I made a dry-erase board for my daughter, who we helped move to a new apartment on Sunday.  

For all the new, um, information that comes to light that you have to write down (a favorite quote/scene from The Big Lebowski movie).  I also put an extra blank sheet of light-colored scrapbook paper inside the frame in case she wants to make a change.  

See the fine print on the board above for the how-to.  I should probably add that your frame should have glass in it.  Sort of a given, but you never know.  This one was 8x10.


  1. First of all, of course that baby was saying it was a beautiful quilt!!! And your dry-erase board is genius. That table is interesting - bottom looks mid century modern, but the framework around the top is unusual. Imagine it, though, with a great piece of fabric and some glass in the indented top! Something that coordinates with your choice of paint color…. Wowza!!

  2. Cali Jean doesn't have the look of a hungry bairn...definitely the look of happiness with her beautiful quilt. You're not convinced with your scrappy quilt?? I am....I'm loving it. Your table will add a spark of sunshine to your basement with a lick of paint...and your board did make me laugh out loud! And as for Norm....totally convincing.

  3. Scrappy 16 patch is GORGEOUS! I’d go another round of blocks to make it extra snuggly.
    Cali is adorable...and she does look like she’s admiring your handiwork . Since babies cant talk I guess we’ll never know for sure.

    Great photo of Norm. Before I read your description I thought he was one of the Village people.

    Love the dry erase board – Ive made a couple of those in the past and they are so handy to have. Happy Housewarming to M !

  4. Great projects! I do like the scrappy look of your 16 patches, keep going!
    The wipe board is funny, great idea to use a frame. I didn't know you could write on the glass and erase it again

  5. That baby is beautiful, and she appreciates the beautiful quilt!

  6. new shit has come to that a lyric from a song? :) can't wait to see the 'new' table too

  7. Hi, this is a little off topic from your post so I apologize. I love seeing the baby pictures and I also have a daughter named Cali. So cute to see.
    My mother-in-law is in the process of making quilts for all the grandkids. It is now my youngest sons turn and he loves the chain link quilt that we found on our search. My MIL cannot find the pattern anywhere. Could you please email the pattern please or let me know I can find it. Thanks so much!

  8. LOVE little Cali Jean's expression! "All this for me?" She looks delighted with her beautiful quilt. P., that is a great scrappy 16 patch and I love the photo of Norm with a steam punk cap. My daughter would adore that dry erase board... LOL


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