Friday, August 22, 2014

Scrappy Sixteen

The scrappy 16-patch quilt top is now stitched together, seen here sprawled on the steps of the deck and spilling onto the lawn, like a colorful guest who's had maybe one too many. 

Hold on there, buddy. In fact, why don't you lie down on the grass and try to nap it off. 

There you go.  That's it.  What's that?  It's too bright?  Well, just close your eyes, it'll be okay.
Anthropomorphizing aside, the quilt is, in fact, straight and flat, but the lawn needs mowing so it looks a bit rumply.  Plus with the sun behind me, I was dodging my shadow in the shot, so you get some wonky angles.  Sober as a judge, I swear.

It's only taken me two trips to Jo-Ann this week for backing fabric.  The first choice looked fine in the store, but at home mostly resembled a paper bag.  At first I thought it'd be a soothing contrast to the "Quiet Riot" of the front (that'll be the quilt's name, by the way), but no.  Six yards of no.

I'm linking to Whoop-Whoop Fridays, where Sarah's dancing granny is cracking me up!

If you feel like shaking your rump, here's one from the vault—Nikka Costa, circa 2001, "Everybody Got Their Something."  Yes, we sure do.


  1. Whoop-whoop! <-- That's more for working the word 'Anthropomorphizing' into your blog post than the quilt. ;)
    Truly love your Quiet Riot Quilt. So much to look at and just plain fun. Great job!

  2. Great quilt top and GREAT name!

    Love the whole post - especially the description of the failed backing ( no... Just no)

  3. Too bright? No way!!! Whoop whoop!!!

  4. You can never go too bright with a quilt top - and I LOVE this one. Im seeing you cuddled up under Quiet Riot in the depths of winter and dreaming of Spring.

    You did great gal!

  5. Nice! Anthropomorphizing is awesome too :). I can't stand it when fabrics don't work least you have backing for another quilt if nothing else.

  6. Love your colours! I agree, no top can be too bright. Your's is a true riot, love it. Nothing can be better than a riot, quiet or not LOL

  7. I LOVE that quilt. It's just so freaking happy!

    As for Nikka Costa - very cool. Made me want to listen to Sly and the Family Stone. Now that's going back some. :)


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