Tuesday, September 16, 2014


We had some cooler than usual temps this past week, which was kind of a reality check for me.  Fall is here.

Oh, I like fall well enough.  Beautiful changing leaves.  Apples and pumpkins and mums (oh my).  The late afternoon sunlight that seems to imbue everything with a golden aura.

It's just that stuff that comes after.  Winter here kinda blows.

~Dad's zinnias a week ago when it was warm~
So when it's been in the upper 70s and sunny and then all of a sudden overnight it's 38 degrees and overcast and drizzling, it's a buzz kill.  Fall is like the cops knocking on the door when the party is in full swing.

"The neighbors have complained.  You need to turn it down."

So you do.  You acquiesce.  But probably not without making a face.

I was sitting in my office chair today, gazing out the west window, when I noticed it.
I had not even thought to change my snowflake Pyrex display all spring and summer long.  (It was also apparent I hadn't thought to dust much during the past X months, but that's another story.)

Well, I could just leave it, I mused.  After all, it's not unusual to see snowflakes in October around here, and that's just a few...

*Record scratching noise*

Wait, what?  NO!  If it's going to be fall already, then fine.  I'm going to decorate for fall—not winter (and forget spring and summer, water under the bridge and all)—and for as long as I can, dagnabbit!  

I don't say "dagnabbit" in real life, but that's the G-rated version.  You get the idea.

So I padded over to the (equally dusty) shelves next to the fireplace, where the rest of the Pyrex collection lives, and started hunting for fall-looking Py.  Basically, everything orange, brown, or gold was fair game.  

But before that, I cleared the snowflake Pyrex out of the other unit.  Dusted too.

This pretty mid-century oak piece was marked six bucks at Goodwill when we bought it a few years ago.  I still can't believe they let us steal have it for that.

And here is the result.  I may tweak a thing or two yet, but I think it'll do.  

The room feels a little warmer already.  Or maybe that's just me.  Dusting and futzing with Pyrex is hard work, yo.

Think I can get away with it until December 21?


  1. Winter does blow. Your Pyrex makes me want to start a collection myself. I don't have the awesome $6 display rack for it though. I should thrift more often but that could interrupt my current clear out mindset :). Dagnabbit is fun to say, I will use it a couple times today...hehe

  2. I am with you on the whole fall / winter issue. Kansas really has only two agreeable months out of the year - May and October. While I feel like a weenie complaining about our winter compared to yours we got from the deep freeze of January / February to wind and tornadoes, throw in usually agreeable May (but we may still have tornadoes), to sweltering humidity and heat, and looking forward to October. Then trying to ignore winter. It can't last forever, right?

  3. My version of the transition story - pull out all quilts from racks, shelves, chair backs, etc. reconsider, rearrange from room to room, re-fold, and re- display throughout the house... Then step back and enjoy the freshened look. Ahhhhh - ready for cooler weather now. (Winter has never been my favorite .. In Michigan or in Tennessee).

  4. I couldn't see any dust on that shelf pre - dusting...you outted yourself for no good reason!

    I like the fall collection , but the snowflakes really do look pretty. (maybe thats because I don't have to live with them for real?)

  5. Your dishes and shelving unit are very interesting and also make me think of some of my collections that I had before moving into the RV. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I agree - don't confess to dust that doesn't show up in the pictures! Your fall decorations and Pyrex look wonderful - maybe I'll have to drag out some of mine too!! Thanks for the inspiration….. ;-)

  7. Oh gosh yes I totally agree with you on the weather in WI. Fall is my favorite and I do miss it in WI during that gorgeous time! I do also miss reading your blog...need to get over here more often:)

  8. I think I need all of those pieces of Pyrex! And that shelf you STOLE is AMAZING! Happy Fall Ya'll!


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