Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Sundry 9-7-14

You know how it is when time passes and you don't blog, and then it's like where do I begin?  It's not as if a whole lot has happened either, just the usual things, day to day, enjoying whatever is left of summer.

~A bouquet of zinnias from Dad's garden~
I continued cutting up clothing with the deconstruction of a big box full of scrubs from my daughter.  The vet surgery where she works has gone to the same uniforms so she put aside her fun and whimsical printed scrubs.  I volunteered to make some kennel quilts from them for the post-surgical dogs and cats. 

So the pile went from this (above), to this (below):

For the first quilt, I cut some of the removed pockets and sleeves into 5-inch squares and made this one 27 x 27-inch, to fit the dimensions of one of the smaller treatment room units.  

It has since been quilted but still needs a binding, which I'll machine sew on later today.  It occurred to me later that I could have (and might in the future) turned it, pillow-case style, so as to not need a binding.  We learn as we go, eh?

Most of the scrubs were poly/cotton, and there is a certain comfortable softness to them.  The pieces sewed together nicely and I think they'll hold up well through washings.  This one, however, was 100% cotton and just too cute—Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.  I might have to reserve it for my own stash.

Norm brought home a fresh batch of work "whites," which needed hemming.  I had to break out the serger for these six pair of pants.

I typically procrastinate on this kind of sewing, but I got right on it this time.  The old ones he had been wearing to work were pretty pitiful and stained.  

So that, along with mending the hem of a sheet for my sister, has comprised the sum total of my sewing for the past week or so.

~A "clean out the fridge" day yielded a tasty blueberry crisp~
It was a fine day for a boat ride with Dad on Friday!

~Nita, Dad, and me~
We had a little hitch in our get-along when the motor began sputtering out quite a ways up the river channel.  

It worked itself out, though, thank goodness.  Dad blamed it on "bad gas" (and who doesn't?).  That would have been a long paddle back to the landing.  

Three adults in the boat and not a cell phone between us.  Sure, we all have cell phones, but they were all back on land.  Cameras though?  Check, check, and check!
The shifting cloud sky was as captivating as the water and trees.
Dad was in his element, the old "Marsh Rat."  A badge of honor, to be sure.

Another lovely time for the memory book!


  1. Looks like a fun day on the river! Bad Gas! Hahaha!

  2. Looking good on the repurposed quilts! Careful though if you do a pillowcase style before quilting it. You have to mind where you start and stop, since you can't just run off the edge and have the binding cover it.

  3. That pile of scrubs is just pure eye candy . They’re going to look gorgeous made into quilts.

    Your Dad and his sense of humour cracks me up.

    Now I have to ask what Norm does that he needs white pants for work?

  4. Oh P! I have been in a blogging slump myself......I blame mine on a crappy computer though! LOL LOVE what you are doing with your daughter's scrubs for the dogs and cats in need. And I LOVE the fact that you all go on boat rides with your dad! Now, you all had cameras, but, where on earth were your fishing poles????

  5. I think that the quilts from scrubs is great idea! BUT, I think you were really smart to keep the Christmas print. I'm so glad that you and your Dad still have each other and can still build memories!

  6. How great to use old scrubs to make kennel quilts! And that is a beautiful day to remember the summer with!


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