Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Puttering is Progress

I had a slow work day on Monday, so I spent some extra time in the sewing room on odds and ends.  I mentioned to Lara that I was puttering, but that "puttering is progress."  She came back with the suggestion that "Puttering is Progress" be done in needlepoint and hung on our sewing room walls.  Great idea!  You heard it here first.

I got Plaid Peaks bordered and basted.  I also doodled a simple idea for quilting it.  We'll see how that works out in the next few days.

I also finished up a little table mat for the 1950s table I painted this past summer, which sits next to the washing machine in the basement.  This was an orphan 16-patch block that I didn't use for a quilt, but it needed to be made a bit bigger to fit the table.  I added a few more squares and a one-inch border.  

Instead of using batting and binding, I just lined it with part of an old muslin sheet and finished it like you would a pillow cover—sew three sides, turn right side out and slip-stitch the opening closed.  Then I stitched around the squares to hold the layers together.  I got that idea from a lady who sells quilted table runners at flea markets here in the summer.  She doesn't use batting, just muslin for the inner layer and no binding.

So now it's ready for the thankless job of catching laundry detergent drips, and I can just toss it in the washer when it gets dirty.

More puttering led to finishing this scrappy corduroy and flannel HST quilt.  It's doll quilt size.  

I didn't have a doll handy to pose with it—one that wasn't naked with all her hair loved off, anyway—so little puppy here was pressed into service.  He looked pretty eager to assist.

My daughter and I made this little guy in a mother-daughter sewing class at Nancy's Notions back about 15 years ago.  She got to use one of their new sewing machines in class, after which she told me we needed to buy a Pfaff.  See how marketing works? 

It was a very nice machine, but unfortunately for her, I didn't take the bait, happy as I was with my already vintage Singer.  But we made a cute puppy!

Puppy would like you to notice the fun flannel backing, and that it is simply quilted in the ditch—on that same vintage Singer, I might add, which is now 15 years vintage-er.  That's me talking there, not puppy.  

Puppy doesn't know anything about sewing machines, but he wanted to get close up to the quilting to see if it had a good smell.

Hard to tell what he discovered.  He's got quite the poker face.

It feels good to get a couple small items finished.  I'd like to finish the other couple UFOs and then decide what's next.  I see a lot of interesting quilt-alongs, finish-alongs, and challenges happening already in this new year.  Decisions, decisions...


  1. Love all that puttering that seems to be going down in your li'l corner of the world. How cute is that puppy; love the brown patch. Somehow it gives him oodles of personality. Love, love, love the 1950's table mat...gorgeous fabrics!

  2. What a great way to finish a quilt without the batting and binding. Thanks for sharing it. It might help me finish off some old UFO's.

  3. Puttering is indeed progress, and it can also be fun! I love how your plaids are coming along.

  4. Love all the puttering...I think it's the best way to ease into a new year. And Puppy? Too cute. Didn't realize he was smelling the quilt...thought he was doing Yoga...svanasana pose

  5. Yes you get a whoop whoop!! It may have seemed like puttering, but it looks like you got a whole lot done! Love the little HST quilt, but that may be in large part because of your photography assistant - he's quite the ham! Actually, tho, it's lovely - such warm friendly colors!

  6. I really like that dog that you made and the story behind it!

  7. lol!!! I love the critic. Puttering is peaceful and downright enjoyable. I do it all the time, and sometimes it leads to actual quilts, sometimes it just feeds me. I like this post so much. Life is not just about finishing, although that's nice too, it's about the day to day enjoyment of our craft. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  8. What a great idea to cover your table like that! I'm going to do that now since laundry detergent 'eats' the finish off my vintage cart. That puppy!!! So cute as is the quilt. I've made a couple quilts with flannel for the back and they are so warm.

  9. Oh Paulette, you are sooo funny. That really is a pup with a poker face. How fun that you made that little dog with Michelle.
    My Mom gave up her old vintage machine for a new Pfaff back in 1966 or so. I always wished she had kept both, LOL.
    I really love your corduroy quilt and of course those Plaid Peaks!

  10. Look at all of this quilty goodness while I was "puttering" on an airplane this past week! LOVE all of your projects!

  11. OMGoodness, I missed this post, and came from Pinterest. It is all so adorable!


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