Monday, February 16, 2015

A Little of This...

Sometimes what seems like the logical order of things is anything but.  Or perhaps the logic is in the eye (brain) of the beholder (thinker).

At any rate, the Tea Towel Challenge flimsy had to come off the design wall for the 16-patch and X-blocks to go up.  It seemed to me that rather than continue with sewing together the 16-patch and X-blocks, I should (at long last) take the next step on the Tea Towel flimsy.  That was to machine stitch around the fused-on feathers (or leaves—again, eye of the beholder).

I used Brother Everett's blanket stitch for the task.  I wanted the thread to be fine with a bit of a sheen, and Isacord worked nicely.  Thing is, the programmed blanket stitch is a little wonky.  There is a little jiggle in the couple of straight stitches between the zigzag stitch into the body of the applique, which I couldn't seem to work out by fiddling with various settings.  So it is what it is, and thankfully that is mostly hidden along the edge of the appliqued pieces.

We did a little antique mall browsing yesterday and I found these Georges Briard trays.

I guess I now have an official collection of Briard trays.  Three's a charm.  Counting patterns, not strictly numbers.

You may recall that the tea towel in the center of the challenge quilt is a vintage Georges Briard.

Music for a Monday morning:  Grammy-nominated Jarle Bernhoft has talent coming out his ears.  I can barely fathom playing guitar and singing at the same time, but to record and build upon all those loops and keep it flowing in time in a funky song to boot?  Prepare to be amazed.


Lara B. said...

Paulette, it is such a cool idea to use a vintage tea towel as a quilt center! I love the look of your leaves! It does look pretty swanky with your new trays.

greeneggs said...

That is a cool song and the video is amazing. Is he playing a ukulele? It looks too small for a guitar.
Oh yeah, the quilt! Love it, love the tea towel. I'm keen to see it all.

Hazel said...

Your love of music helps me to learn something that I would never com across on y own!
I have not used the blanket stitch on my machine, so I don't know if it would do the same thing that yours did!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, fun find at the antique mall. I love those pretty trays!

Your tea towel challenge is looking amazing. I know what you mean about the little jiggle in the stitching. Maybe Brother Everett has another blanket stitch setting? In any case, good job on the progress! I haven't been at my machine for two weeks (although I've been hand stitching away on my breaks at work, which is very relaxing!)

BTW, I love your fabric choices. You always amaze me with the beautiful combinations you put together.

xo -E

MomWaldsPlace said...

I always pause Pandora for one of your videos, and often start a new station with your artist. Thanks!

Georges Briard, YES!


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