Friday, February 6, 2015

Marei's String Geese

Fellow quilter Marei sent me a photo of her String Geese quilt top she finished recently.  Marei doesn't have a blog, but I asked if I could share it here and she agreed.  I think it's fantastic!  That large dot outer border just elevates it a whole other level, doesn't it?   It's like they're flying among the clouds!

Marei's String Geese Quilt Top
She said she was inspired by my recent Plaid Peaks wall hanging, and both of us inspired by Bonnie Hunter's Geese on a String.

Closeup of Marei's String Geese
Her string geese measure 11 x 5.5 each.  She used 2-inch shirt strips left over from another project.  Overall the top measures 48 x 54 inches.

Thanks for letting me share your beautiful quilt top, Marei!

I'm still making X blocks for the 16-patch quilt.  It's going...  I've got all the squares made and over half of them sewn together into blocks.  I'll get the rest finished tomorrow.

I saw these super-cute vintage Melmac cup pincushions over at Three Old Keys the other day (her pictures are so much better, go see) and clicked right on through to Etsy to buy the red one! 

It came wrapped inside the box like this, in a sewing pattern.  Isn't that clever? 

It fits nicely with the current turquoise and red Pyrex display.  

I wasn't even thinking of that when I bought it, but it seems to have found a home there for now!


audrey said...

LOVE the string geese! They're definitely on my to-do list some day.:) Very fun to see your pyrex collection too!

ThreeOldKeys said...

well, Wow! I'm glad I clicked on this post -- my old eyes first read the title wrong, but hey, I thought I would look at "Marie's String Cheese".

I love your quilt, Marei, with the wonderful collision of plaids & dots. It is striking!

P., you are a sweetheart. Thank you for the shout-out and your sweet words! I'll be big-headed the rest of the day.

Marei said...

Thanks for the nice words, P, and for putting my flimsy "out there".

Hazel said...

I enjoyed the geese quilt and the pincushion...and the 16 patch in the x pattern is really coming along!

Elizabeth said...

Birds (or geese ;) of a feather flock together! Marei's quilt is beautiful! I love how someone's work inspires someone else and someone else is inspired by that. Both you and Marei have a wonderful style and I love all the pretty string things you do!

I'll say it again on your X/16-patch quilt -- LOVE IT!

And the tea cup pincushion is so cute!

xo -#

Lara B. said...

Marei's quilt is terrific! You're right Paulette, the dotty border adds a real vibrant feeling to the whole quilt. It picks up the tinier dots behind her geese really well too.
Love that Melmac cup pincushion! Etsy is so much fun! Every time I buy something there it's like getting a little bit of Christmas in the mail.

JennaLouiseCreates said...

I love the geese, the it all. The Melmac cup pincushion is awesome! Thanks for sharing. It's great to be blogging again! Happy Days!

Pauline said...

I kept looking and looking at your 16 patch and loving the whole nuance. I just couldn't part with this one either, if I had it! Besides the colors, I love the material, lot's of what looks like Moda marbles, some mirages, some solids. Then it dawned on me. NO prints! I gotta do this one and keep it for my own selfish self.


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