Friday, August 21, 2015

Back to It

It's been a couple of weeks since I checked in here, so I guess I better blow the cobwebs off.  

Not this one, though.  Do you see it?  I spotted it glinting in the sun while I was having a glass of iced tea on the deck this afternoon.  Now if only a spiderweb could catch and hold onto these halcyon days of summer before they flitter away on translucent wings.

I've been cranking out the kennel quilts.  Actually, cranking is maybe not the right word.  It connotes a kind of drudgery, and making these little quilts is anything but.  I'm quite enjoying it.

I keep thinking the stack of scrubs should be dwindling down to nothing. But wait, there's more!

Still keeping it simple with either HSTs or squares, but I've been playing a little more with the quilting.

I did elongated loopy-loops on the solid chevrons and a smaller meander in the lighter parts on kennel quilt #10, above.

Quilt #11 had a shamrock print in one of the scrubs, which inspired some shamrock shaped quilting.

The backing continues the theme, a thrift store fabric find from a couple years ago that's been sitting on the shelf waiting for its time to shine.  Sometime other than the one day a year in March when I usually think of it, that is.

I've got kennel quilt #12, below, in the works.  I had some fun with this one.  
After I'd sliced up the purple scrub top into 5-inch squares, I noticed I had various iterations of Bambi among the pieces.  So I arranged them to look like s/he's scampering across the quilt top.
Yep, I'm easily entertained!

There's sure to be more quilty entertainment over at the linky party, Can I Get a Whoop-Whoop!


  1. Love the spiderweb photo/story! And your kennel quilts are wonderful - so cool that you are having fun while making them, too.

  2. You are having fun!! I love Bambi hopping across your quilt top - what a great idea! Whoop whoop!!

  3. Easily entertained? It's true, you know, what they say about simple minds. :) As I've said before I'm enjoying all the kennel quilts and am happy that you're enjoying making them. Love the serendipity of Bambi prancing across quilt #12.

  4. A wonderful way to practice FMQ ideas! Bambi really does look like he's scampering (I love that word) over the quilt top. I loved your spiderweb analogy Paulette1

  5. I too like the spiderweb analogy but wish we had some summer to hold on to (luke-warm here most of the time and I like it hot). The scrubs quilts continue to be fun to see - and it certainly sounds like you are having a good time making them.

  6. LOVE the bambi! What a great idea.


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