Saturday, August 29, 2015

Baker's Dozen

I finished numbers 12 and 13 in the kennel quilt series this week, but before I get to that, you may be wondering when is it ever going to end? 

Rest assured the pile of scrubs is dwindling.  There are probably just a couple more that can be squeaked out of what's left, which isn't much, considering it started with all these one year ago. 

The little stack below is what remains.  Well, that and the pile of trimmings in the background at the far end of the cutting table. 

That's scrap purgatory back there, stuff a bit too substantial to put directly in the trash, and so it solemnly awaits judgment.  Will the bits and bobs end up in the bin, or might they find new life as crumb blocks?  It all depends how I'm feeling the day I decide to deal with them.  I'm fickle that way.

Kennel quilt number 12 got some loopy meander quilting, kind of like the flight pattern of the butterflies Bambi might be chasing right off the edge of the quilt.

Here's the back.

As for kennel quilt number 13, I'll start with the back first, because I love it so!

The black mod tree print was a fat quarter from a fellow quilt blogger's destashing a couple years ago.  

The teal above and below the black print was a Moda FQ that came to me via the thrift store.  There's a strip of hot pink scrub pants and then what was left of a vintage tropical print that I had used for the  backing on another kennel quilt.  The binding is pieced from binding scraps from the last few quilts.

The front started as 4-inch squares, then four-patches, then arranged once again in a streak of lightning kind of thing.  If it ain't broke...

I've been using no less than three machines on each of these quilts.  The Juki handles the quilting, the Brother (a/k/a Everett) is a stellar piecer with his 1/4-inch foot, and Ye Olde Golden Singer 603 does a good job with its walking foot in attaching bindings. 

Couldn't one machine just do it all?  Yeah, but where's the fun in that?  I kind of like having the right tool for the job all ready to go, although it makes for a bit of a crowd on the sewing table.

As the summer of making doggie quilts draws to a close, an infusion of new fabric brings with it fresh possibilities.  A birthday squishy from a friend included these beauties.  Ooh!  So sweet!

And Jo-Ann had a half-off sale on their Red Tag fabric recently, which seemed like a good opportunity to plump up the stash.

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  1. I'm going to miss the scrubs quilts when they stop! As for the current batch, I totally agree with you about no. 13; the back is fantastic - I like the fabrics and it's all come together into something really well balanced and striking - could easily be a quilt front in it's own right (and not one for a dog to sit on).

  2. Whoop whoop for a baker's dozen of finishes!! You have done a great job up-cycling those scrubs.

  3. Guessing there is a never-ending supply of scrubs . . . congrats for working your way through that stack!

    Wonderful additions to your stash, too!

  4. It's really amazing how many quilts you created using this stash of scrubs! I thought the original pile would have had to be much larger.
    "Scrap Purgatory" LOL
    I totally love the way you made Bambi scamper across the quilt. Butterfly flight quilting - what a cool idea Paulette!
    My brain is in a fog... just in case I missed wishing you a happy birthday, I hope it was a great one!

  5. OMG!! I'm new to your blog and I'm TOTALLY in LOVE with the idea of using scrub fabric for charity quilts. Thanks for the FANTASTIC idea!!!


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