Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Sundry 11-8-15

We went thrift store shopping yesterday and saw some awesome things.  Things I did not buy, but captured in pictures for us all to enjoy. 

This was a beautiful old Dresden of what looked like feed sack fabrics, hand pieced and quilted, nicely matted and framed, for only $2.00.  Two dollars!  And yet I picked it up and set it back down.  What is wrong with me?!  (Don't answer that.)

I always check out the framed art in hopes of spotting a vintage paint-by-number.  Although no PBN was to be found, there was an impressive black velvet Indian painting!
I call him Chief Blue Eyes, a/k/a the "Chieftain of the Board" (or Bored?).  Ain't he purdy?

He had a fairly hefty price tag of $30, commensurate with his larger-than-life size, I suppose.  Alas, I left him there on lookout...though I'm not quite sure where he's looking.  Northeast?  Mind those Pilgrims, buddy, and keep an eye on that strabismus, too.

Moving on to the Christmas displays, this cute little vintage blow mold reindeer was hanging out.  All lit up and nowhere to go.  We debated giving him a home on our porch for the season, but ultimately passed.  Only ten "bucks" and it came with two allen head wrenches, for reasons intriguingly unknown.

The "ugly Christmas sweaters" and other holiday garb were in good supply.  This vest was so blingy bad, it was good!  I tried it on, but it was a bit too big. 

This one was interesting.  A fuzzy sweater featuring cute teddies wearing...fuzzy sweaters?  It made me laugh, and that's always a good thing.

Coming out of the store, we spotted this car in the parking lot.  

Holy Cheesehead!  This guy is obviously a Fan, with a capital F, for the GBP!  Gotta admire the creativity, dedication, and attention to detail that "Dan the Packer Man" put into his sweet ride.  

And pretty soon, here came Dan!  Who, unlike us, had actually bought something at the thrift store, and happily chatted about his car for a bit and posed for a pic. 

* * * * *
In my own creative space, I am getting ready to quilt this piece, which will be a holiday wall hanging.

We have had a beautiful fall here.  I've enjoyed watching all the trees in the neighborhood change colors and shed their leaves.  The silver maple in the backyard is always the last of ours to drop.  I lay on my back on the deck today to capture a picture, looking up.  I kind of like the upside-down perspective, but it's pretty either way.

The light has a wonderful intensity this time of year.  That's some consolation for the shorter days, I suppose.  
How are you spending these fleeting days of fall?


http://thankfullga447 said...

I should be outside but I am organizing our church fabric. I did dye fabric this week and hung the fabric outside. It smells so good when you iron it.

Sarah Craig said...

I've been busy busy busy on commission work for other folks' Christmas gifts, so it's a good thing it's been a rainy, icky fall so far. We did have a particularly gorgeous day yesterday and this morning, but it's been pretty dismal so far! Good sewing weather, though!

Lara B. said...

You made me look up strabismus. :) And that was the first thing I noticed about the velvet indian. You found some fun and humorous things Paulette!
I have not been doing very much and really need to get back on track. We've had some lovely weather though. It's interesting that your silver maple hangs on so long. Ours drops it's leaves fairly early.

Marei said...

You continue to be too smart for me....I feel like an idiot when I have to have the dictionary out just to read your post. Strabismus? Now I have to find an opportunity to use it. As for what I'm doing...nothing that I should be. I have yet to get back down into the quilt cave to sew and it's been over 2 weeks already. TODAY is the day (I hope). Loved the sweater-wearing teddy bear sweater.

audrey said...

Too funny. And btw, that Dresden was a steal.:)

Kaja said...

I'm hiding inside from the driving rain while a massive storm blows across the country, and whiling away the time reading other people's blogs! I like your upside-down picture a lot - really gets you to look at things differently.


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