Thursday, December 3, 2015

31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

I'm going to take a crack at the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge hosted by Cheryl at 

It's been better than three weeks since I last posted, so some of this will be a bit of a catch-up.  I've let my blogging muscles go a little slack of late, so this challenge will be good practice in at least showing up and making a consistent effort again.  And hopefully we'll discover some new friends, get reacquainted with others, and have some fun along the way!

Now you may have noticed I've gotten a late start, since the challenge officially began on December 1.  But I just stumbled upon the link late last night, so for me to be here ready to go within 12 hours of that time seems "close enough for rock and roll" to me.

So what's new?  Well, this is one of three little projects I've got going on in the sewing room at the moment.  A couple of them are gifts, so I can't show those just yet.

A little string star table topper made with part of a charm pack of Blitzen that I've had for a couple years.  Love those aquas and grays together!

I didn't set out to make the star from strings, but I just couldn't seem to get the right combination of squares to work, so I just sliced them into strips and re-made 5-inch squares from the assortment, and then made the half-square triangles from there.

I also finished quilting and binding this wall hanging recently. 

It's kind of hard to see the quilting in the green parts—it's holly leaves. 

You can see them better from the back, maybe.

I hit the mother lode of Christmas fabric at a thrift store a couple weeks ago.  Most of those bundles was at least a yard.  Total price for this entire lot was about $12.00!

"Sleigh Ride" is one of my favorite Christmas songs (the Harry Connick, Jr. version being my all-time favorite), but I hadn't seen this version in 7/8 time until a couple days ago.  Pretty cool!


  1. Good luck with the 31 day challenge. love love love your projects! Looks like I need to get back to thrift stores .. I've been slacking off on my bargain hunting.

  2. Looking forward to your daily posts! Must go listen to that video ...

  3. Omigosh - I LOVE IT!!! So much fun to listen to ... THANKS!

  4. Great link! Good luck with the 31 day challenge - it certainly should give your blogging muscle a workout.

  5. Paulette, I'm glad you'll be blogging more again - I've missed you. It will be a real challenge to post so frequently.
    That's a lot of fun projects there! I love your idea of slicing the fabrics into strips to get the blocks to blend better.


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