Friday, January 1, 2016

Jumping Into Quilty 365

First of the year, why not jump in on the Quilty 365 project?

Why not indeed!

I've watched along long enough.  It's been fun seeing the daily circles folks are making.  With the start of the new year, I started my own Quilty 365!

For the circle, it just so happened the inside of the painter's tape was about the right size.  I traced the interior and made a little cardboard circle template.

I'm using the technique where you layer a piece of lightweight non-fusible interfacing on your fabric scrap, sew around the circle, trim the seam to 1/8 inch, slash the fusible layer and turn the whole circle through the slash and press it flat.  

Doing it this way, you don't have to cut out two circles.  You just trace your circle onto the interfacing, rough-cut it out, and pin it on top of your scrap (which is right side up).  Then sew right on the traced line.  All the trimming/cutting happens after you've done the sewing.

I machine appliqued the circle onto the square, flipped it over and trimmed away the fabric backing inside the circle as well as the lightweight fusible, to a 1/4-inch seam.

I'm intending to machine applique the circles onto neutral or low-volume 4.5-inch squares.  I had to piece the first neutral square together, because the scrap of leftover binding was too narrow otherwise.  But those diagonal stripes were too sweet to pass up!  As for the circle, it's a cold winter day here, and the icy blue seemed appropriate, plus the whole circle (spiral) theme.

Linking to Quilty Folk for the January Quilty 365 Linkup.


  1. A super sweet start. Hope you enjoy this journey as much as I have so far - the best fun is seeing all the original takes on Audrey's concept.

  2. Off to a great start so far. Looks like your technique is all set.

  3. A great start, and I have to come back to learn more about your method. I've started today, too.

  4. Yay - I'm glad you are joining in with this too and your first circle is pretty.

  5. Wonderful first circle! Glad to have you along for the fun!

  6. A much easier way to do the circles - why didn't I remember to do that!!
    Great blocks so far : )

  7. Great project! My new favorite way to do circles is using satin stitch with a thumbtack (or a circle attachment for your machine, which is just a fancy thumbtack). They are perfect every time. Lots of tutorials online.

  8. Good start! Welcome to the crowd. It's fun to see all the different circle projects AND the techniques used to make them.

  9. This totally cracks me up. I have had "circle quilt" on my to-do list for over 5 years. Now everyone is making one! Why, oh why, do I not do things when I first think of them? I'd be ahead of the game. Now I'll just be 'one more' making circles. **hanging my head in disgust...or is it self-pity?***

  10. You know Paulette, I've been wishing that I had joined too. Maybe I'll do a Quilty 200th/365.
    Your little circles look great!

  11. One down, 364 to go!
    I am on dot 34 today, they are flying by! The best of fun selecting fabrics too!

  12. Great start. Thanks for sharing your method.

  13. Great circles. I am using the same method. Glad you jumped in!


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