Friday, January 29, 2016

Little Bits of Beautiful

I had a "Squirrel!" moment this past week—and it's so compelling to chase those squirrels when you're busy procrastinating, isn't it?

I think there needs to be a word that combines procrastinating + distraction.  Protraction?  Discrastinating?  I like the sound of the last one.

So as I procrastinated on quilting (some things never change...much) two basted (basted!) flimsies, I spied this baggie of little bits from Marei, part of a scrap swap we did last year.  By little bits, I mean about 2.5" pieced squares.

When I first got them, I may have fiddled around a little but nothing really struck me.  This time within a minute, I was like, DUH, red pinwheels!  And I was off chasing that squirrel. 

It all came together pretty smoothly from there.  Tried a few borders...

And soon I had a mini quilt!

It has a Valentine's Day kind of feel, I think, so it will go up on the wall for the season once it's quilted.  

With three projects now basted together and ready to quilt—and my basting pins bowl completely empty—it's time to "just do it."  I started quilting the Joy in the Evening quilt last night.

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  1. Pretty!!
    Sometimes I am so tempted to buy more basting pins haha!

  2. Oh! Heidi has the right idea, Paulette. Buy more basting pins and then you won't be 'forced' to quilt!! So very happy you were able to make something wonderful from these bits....and that they are no longer in my house. :)

  3. You just can't go wrong with such pretty scraps and red pinwheels. Your mini turned out really sweet Paulette! Heidi and Marei got me laughing with their idea of just buying more basting pins. :)
    I like "discrastinating" ... it sounds like something fun to do.

  4. Love all the colour combinations and the border :)

  5. I am so glad I'm not the only one! There always seems to be a "shiny thing" to distract me from I should be doing. (Like the vacuuming I stopped to read blogs!)

  6. So very cute! The border really added more interest to the quilt. A perfect Valentine's quilt but useful for other occasions too.

  7. I am discrastinating all the time at the moment! But look where it led you - so it has to be a good thing to do, surely?

  8. Just gorgeous! I love the sort-of-assymetrical border - it really adds something to it. Whoop whoop!! Now I must stop discrastinating and write a tutorial..... ;-)

  9. You make beautiful things when you procrastinate. Maybe that's your superpower! I had to share your post after I just told my FB friends I was guilty of procrastination.

  10. I adore squirrel moments . . . great post.

  11. Squirrel moments that lead to win! Cute border!


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