Sunday, July 3, 2016

Quilt for Pulse

It's a good thing I finished all last month's Quilty 365 circles by the middle of June (that post is HERE), because it was right about then that I read about the Quilts for Pulse drive headed up by the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild.

I decided to use the made-fabric I had been assembling from various monthly one-color scraps from the Quilty 365 circles, and use that in making rainbow heart blocks for a donation quilt for the victims' families and survivors of the Pulse nightclub tragedy.
The top is now done, and my trusty quilt holder-upper helped me get a few pictures of it today.  He has impressive technique and flair, no?  Just look at those fingers.
The light was shining through it in this spot on the deck, which made for a neat effect, but then we moved to the shade for a truer shot.
The backing is now sewn together as well, and I'm ready to baste and quilt it after the 4th of July.

* * * * *
In other news, we continue to enjoy the trails and this gorgeous summer weather.  
I have rediscovered a new "happy place," other than my sewing room:  On my bike.

Where's (one of) yours?

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  1. oh my!! that is gorgeous! I love all the scrappiness! And the flair - you can not discount the flair!!!

  2. How nice of you to make a quilt for the victims in Orlando! Your quilt holder upper certainly does have flair....."""""JAZZ HANDS""""" It's hard to beat my quilting studio in my new home for my "happy place", but, being at home with my mom and dad, eating together at the table ranks right up there too!

  3. Not only is that quilt for Pulse gorgeous, but the made fabric seems just perfect. An image of people piecing lives and relationships back together and the sum being more than the parts. I love it.

  4. Jazz Hands! LOL. My happy place is on my sofa covered with Bassets......oh and dog hair.

  5. Your scrappy quilt for Pulse is gorgeous - and made even more wonderful by the flair with which your photography assistant holds it! And I'm currently sitting in my other happy place right now (the one that isn't my sewing studio) - I'm on a balcony overlooking the ocean with my feet up, enjoying the fresh air, sunset, and time with my honey!

  6. What a GREAT use of all of that "made fabric"!! Scrapbusting and mending broken hearts. What better reason for a quilt?!

  7. Love your made-fabric hearts. You have inspired me to make some.

  8. I'm so happy to see your pulse blocks made from your scrappy fabric! My initial thought was to use color-coordinated stings for the blocks, but knowing I tend to get "bogged down" in projects, I opted for the simpler solution. I certainly like the way yours turned out.

  9. It's beautiful, Paulette. And so is that scenery. My happy place involves a walk in the woods with a friend.

  10. Lovely quilt for a great cause! My first happy place is my sewing room and my second is my sewing room with no cats or kids. Then the pool.

  11. I love your scrappy made-fabric hearts! So clever, and beautiful!

    My Happy Place is definitely my quilt studio, a high-falutin' term for the sewing room.


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