Sunday, July 17, 2016

Starts and Finishes

To begin with, the finish is my Quilt for Pulse.  It's done and ready to go to Orlando, as soon as I attach the label later today.
I really like how this quilt turned out with the made-fabric hearts, and hope it gives comfort to a family of the Pulse nightclub victims or a first responder, etc.  It was an honor to put my thoughts and energy into making it.
I used an almost pastel variegated quilting thread, which blended well.  Funny (and serendipitous) that I found it while rummaging through a different drawer than the thread drawers.  I was looking for a fresh rotary cutter blade, but found just the right thread instead.
 The back is pieced, and the binding is a diagonal stripe.
As far as the start, I am beginning a baby quilt that a friend commissioned for her new granddaughter born in May.  This is how the HST blocks look on the design wall at the moment.
I'm using the colors in the baby's room—lavender, navy, aqua, and gray—which I had a hard time imagining all together in a quilt, but it works! To get an idea before I started cutting fabric, I Googled "lavender navy aqua" and it seems like it's a thing.  As in there were a lot of images incorporating those colors for weddings, decor, etc.  So I was out of the loop, apparently—which shouldn't really be news, least of all to me!

Speaking of loops, we did a little bike loop this weekend which took us through some beautiful farmland.  Wisconsin has a lot of rolling hills, but this particular area where we biked is a pretty flat expanse. 
Along the way, we spotted a pair of sandhill cranes.  They blended in  with the landscape and we almost peddled right past, except that I noticed a little movement in my peripheral vision and turned to see what it was.  Can you find them?

Sandhill cranes have a unique rattling bugle call, but this pair was being "vewy, vewy quiet," as Elmer Fudd would say, and looked as though they were tiptoeing through the field. 


  1. I love the way you did those hearts. I hope it brings someone comfort, as you said. It was good of you.

  2. I never would have thought of googling a strange color combination - and now I want to go google some! Both quilts are beautiful!

  3. Your fabric made hearts are wonderful Paulette, and the variegated thread quilting sounds perfect. I hope your quilt brings comfort to someone.
    I had pictured Wisconsin to be mostly flat farmland. It's interesting to hear how hilly it is. We saw sandhill cranes once on Florida and they were not at all shy of coming right up to us.
    My cousin's baby had a grey and lavender nursery. This quilt will be really perfect!

  4. I always admire your American habit of making quilts to comfort people in times of trouble - this heart quilt will bring a bit of solace to someone, I'm sure.

    I like the top picture of your bike ride - it's a great shot.


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