Monday, December 31, 2018

Stringing in the New Year

I've seen some posts recently about a couple of string quilt-alongs getting off to a start.  There's one just underway at Moda and one about to get started at Humble Quilts.  

Well, sisters and brothers, I am IN.  I'll be stringing in the New Year!  It seems like the right time to hop back on the blogging train as well.

To say I love string quilts is putting it mildly.  I am Silly for String Quilts!  Which is what I named my Pinterest board several years ago, and there are now 600 gorgeous, string-a-licious pins on it.  You can check it out HERE

See what I mean?  

Feel free to also search the label string quilts on my blog's side bar or peruse the Gallery tab to see some of the string quilts and projects I've made in the past few years.

I have pulled some of my favorite string quilt books off the shelves and started paging through those, including the one my daughter just gave me for Christmas, String Fling by Bonnie Hunter.  I don't have her newest one, String Frenzy, yet, but it's on my wish list.
There will be no lack of inspiration, that's for sure!  

I'm excited to get started on something.  Not sure what just yet, but the wheels are turning, as this glimpse of my sewing table shows.
It may be a mess of a different color tomorrow, but this was the little bunny trail I found myself on this morning after opening just the first bin.

Will you be stringing in the New Year?


  1. I'm planning on joining in with Lori's string quilt along, since my string bins overfloweth! Sounds like much fun is about to happen in quilt blogland. Happy New Year!

  2. I have the pattern from MaryPatch for the blue green string quilt on your board - if you'd like it I'll send it along. I have to many others to make and I'd be happy for it to go where it will be used.

  3. p.s. For those who don't know about it, Brenda Suderman hosts a marvelous blog called String Thing Along -- tons of resources and lots and lots of eye candy from many of us who LOVE string quilts. Check it out --


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