Thursday, January 3, 2019

Finishes and Starts

During the past couple of months, I finished the Carolina Chain quilt top.

It is patiently awaiting its trip to the longarm quilter at the moment, along with another one.  They have to age just right, you know!  :)

After that, I started a quilt to use some of my many (many, many) thrifted shirts. I had a bag of strips and shirttails left over from the Plaid Circles string quilt.  

The inspiration was a quilt by Nannette of New York. I thought it would be a good way to use up my extra strips in the centers of the blocks.

Here is a progress photo as of mid-November.  I have since finished piecing it and have begun webbing the top together.

That's been temporarily interrupted this week, however, with a little string quilt project I started, using the bin of black and white strings.

Some of these strings are eight or more years old, and they've been used in various other quilts. Like this one, and this one, and this one, and this one.

So they've been around the block several times, and are ready to be retired into this project, I think.  It should finish off a lot of them, and that makes me happy!

My inspiration is this quilt, "Hope for Tomorrow," found in the book Simply Strings by Rana Heredia.

I'm following the pattern more or less just roughly.  My available strings are dictating the size of the piece, which will hopefully end up being a nice sized wall hanging.  I'm a-okay with that.


  1. Two lovely projects here, your 'carolina chain' quit is great! I'm 1/2 way making the little blocks for my version.

  2. LOVE that shirting quilt project -- it is fabulous!!!

  3. So much goodness here in this post! I can tell that you're having lots of fun.:)

  4. What wonderful projects you have in the works!!

  5. Wow - you may not have been blogging but you clearly haven't been wasting much time. I love your shirting quilt - the colours are fantastic.


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