Saturday, December 14, 2013

Silver Lining

I finished a quilt that had been basted since September.  It sat around waiting for, I don't know, inspiration? the right mood? a not-sore shoulder?  When I awoke in the wee hours on Thursday morning and couldn't get back to sleep, it suddenly seemed as good a time as any to get started on it.  I conceded that it wasn't going to have the "right" thread or the "perfect" predetermined quilting pattern; nope, in that moment, what was needed was somewhere to focus my attention, and that trumped everything else.

Thus, the cloud of insomnia had a silver lining:  One UFO down.

I quilted vertical lines down the whole thing, trying to vary them somewhat so they weren't completely straight yet not totally curved.  Wonky took a little practice.

I like the back almost as much as the front.  Isn't that the way it goes sometimes?

* * * * *
Today was caramel corn making day.  Every year I make a big batch for my coworkers at the clinic and bring it in the week of Christmas.  But they started asking about it last week already, so I figured I better bump up the delivery date.

You can find the recipe in my post from three years ago here.

* * * * *
I discovered this gem on my hard drive recently.  It's me and my siblings circa 1968. 

Paulette, Nita, Darrell, Russ c. 1968
Dad especially liked to line us up for photos around the holidays.  I so appreciate that we have such great documentation of our growing up years on film, goofy as some of those pictures are.

I'm on the left in the red sweater.  I love my sister's shirt with the Nehru collar, the bark cloth curtains, our antique Knabe grand piano with a bazillion little fingerprints on it, and most of all, my brothers' sweet faces!  Almost as if they can't wait for Santa and are trying to convince him they've been very good!

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  1. Whoop, Whoop and another Whoop!! Well done on your finish!! Inspiration really does come at the most odd hours, doesn't it. I love the quilting, sometimes 'tis a bit tricky to do wonky when you are trying your darndest!! What a sweet photo of you and your siblings!!

  2. Well done P you sure have had a productive year

  3. I loved this quilt before and I love it even more now! That's the perfect quilting style for this one. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to make one of my own with my stash of black and white prints!! Whoop whoop for you!!!

  4. I complain because I can't sleep in ever,but insomnia that has got to be the pits. As you said at least you were able to accomplish your quilt completely. I love all those vertical lines. The quilt looks really crinkly! The black and white with the red looks great!

    What a great pic of you and your siblings P. Wow two boys and two girls you must of gotten into some great mischief with one another;)

  5. You certainly can get a whoop whoop! I absolutely love the not completely straight yet not totally curved lines. The quilting in that is absolutely perfect! And the pretty panel on the back is so perfect. I like to do a little something on the back -- not too much, but something to keep it interesting and I love what you did!

    When I have a migraine, finding something to focus on really helps me not wallow in the misery. I'm so glad you were able to focus and make good use of your supposed-to-be-but-can't sleeping time.

    Shazam! What a great finish! And thank you for linking up!

    xo -E

  6. Your caramel corn makes an appearance here every Christmas too. My Mum LOVES it.

    Congrats on the finish. I love mildly wonky lines as a quilting motif and its something I use a lot !

  7. What a beautiful quilt! The "pops" of color really add zing to the blacks and whites.

  8. I simply love the sense of the dramatic in black and white and red quilts. The fun multi-color fabric imterspersed throughout is a piece of magic. Awesomeness!

    I, too, have a red, black, and white flimsy needing some quilty attention. Everything in its own time, I guess.

    Cute pic of you and your sibs! I do like that Nehru collar!

    There's a little something something headed your way in the mail. Don't wait until Christmas to open it. :)

  9. wouldn't want me near that quilt because I am salivating.......literally SALIVATING! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! And, you're right, the back is almost as good as the front, but, that's the way a great quilt should be! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It looks like you and your siblings had a wonderful childhood. You all look really happy!

  10. Those old photographs are so fun to find :) I am loving your insomnia quilt, it takes patience to quilt straight lines!

  11. Love the quilt, love the quilting! Did you start from the middle and did you alternate directions or start each line at one end?

  12. Sometimes, that "not sleeping" problem can work out well. Look at this quilt--I like the front, back, and the quilty goodness in the middle! Your quilt lines are the perfect choice for stitching, I wanna do this ~
    Your family photo is wonderful, that one deserves a frame. Those faces would make you smile every time you saw them!

  13. What a lively, sparkly quilt!
    Your vintage photo is much like my family photos except I would have been the oldest child!

  14. What a lovely sparkly quilt! I'm learning how to post comments - sorry for the deletion above.

  15. I'll give you a Whoop Whoop! :) I normally don't like black, white and red quilts, but they are growing on me and I LOVE this one. Merry Christmas!!!

  16. Your quilt rocks, and you were such a CUTIE!


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