Thursday, December 5, 2013

Another Baby Quilt Flimsy

More playing with scraps this week led to another baby quilt top.  As it turned out, my husband's coworker had a baby boy, so the predominately pink flimsy was set aside and I started something else.

Some Dresden wedges from a former project were sliced in half and became the basis for something like crumb blocks, which I then bordered on two sides.  Between the front background and what will be a pieced backing, I think I'll use up most of the DS Quilts Collection fabrics in the stash, although I'm sure there will be a few scraps remaining (yay).

Dad popped in for a visit this morning and volunteered to be a quilt holder-upper for the pictures.  Thanks, Pa!

I went to a work Christmas party last night, which included really great food and merriment.  It helped me get into the holiday spirit.  Maybe our tree will get put up this weekend, which should take all of 10 minutes since it's a small prelit job that lives in the basement with a dust cover over it the rest of the year.  Beyond that and a few other do-dads, that will have to suffice for Christmas decorations.  The shoulder is still taking time and energy to rehab.  I wish I could say that after a month of PT, it's better, but it is, in fact, a bit worse.  My doctor appointment is next week, so we'll see if any changes are to be made, but I have a sense it's just going to be more of the same for a while and will take time.

I haven't quilted anything since, sheesh, I don't remember when (summer?), so we'll see how it goes with this baby quilt.  The new parents are on family leave until after the first of the year, so I have plenty of time to get it finished.  I also finished the table topper flimsy one night/morning between 3:00 and 5:30 a.m. when I couldn't sleep, and I plan to get that quilted soon too.


  1. Lovely little quilt top for a boy ...I love all those spots and dots.

    Take it easy with your shoulder. Sounds like something really nasty is going on with that. Hope your doc can help you find out what it is!

  2. It's a really cool boys quilt. I love the fabrics and that pop of red is genius! I am so sorry your shoulder is still giving you problems. It has to be painful, and compromises your quilting! Hope it gets better soon! Out of 4 Christmas trees, I put one up, and that's it for me this year. Not in the mood for some reason? Oh yeah, it seems like Christmas was just last month!

  3. You have a really awesome stash! And you do awesome things with scraps. It is a gift.

    That is a really great boy quilt! What a special gift that will make.

    I'm sorry that your shoulder is still giving you grief. It's been way too long. I wish I knew what to do to help.

    I have been really annoyed that Christmas music has been playing since November 1 and that stores go from Halloween marketing straight to Christmas. I resisted turning on the Christmas music until December 1 and now I'm really excited to start decorating and crafting and celebrating. If only I didn't have to work 40+ hours this week :P.

    Hope your doctor's appointment yields some help -- perhaps a new direction to take? -- and that you feel better soon.

    xo -E

  4. You have such a sense of whimsy! I love it!

    Sorry the shoulder continues to be a PITA. :(

  5. What an edgy looking quilt---perfect for a boy! Love all the dots you used.

    Ack!! Hope your shoulder heals with more stamina than it has been doing P:)

  6. Wow oh wow....I love this quilt!! My you show amazing initiative and creativity with your scraps!! This quilt is perfect for a little baby boy!! That's no good that your shoulder isn't getting better..hoping that it will soon be on the mend. Take care!!

  7. Your scraps end up better than a lot of folks original efforts. Sorry the shoulder is being such a stinker.

  8. Oh, I hope the shoulder gets some relief soon, I hate those nagging injuries that won't give you any peace.
    The blanket is really great! You put those DS prints to work perfectly along side the pieced blocks ~

  9. That turned out great! I love those DS dots. I will have to start using some instead of hoarding.


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