Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013

As we get ready to welcome the New Year, I put together a collage of some of the highlights of 2013.

This past year, I became comfortable with curved piecing.  It turns out I quite enjoy it.

Do you make resolutions?  Have you set some goals for 2014?  I don't normally do either one, but I bet I could come up with a few things if I thought about it.  Learning to be less of a procrastinator should probably appear somewhere on the list—the list I make later.  ;)

The blog needed a little updating, so I've been attending to that.  Changed the background, updated fonts and links, etc., and filled in the Gallery with 2013 quilts.  Still have to add the previous years' quilts. 

Here's to an excellent 2014, however that might manifest itself for you!  And why not celebrate with a tune to groove into the New Year.  Gotta love that horn section!


  1. You completed some beautiful items this past year!

  2. You did have a fruitful year! Love all the curved piecing - I need to give that a try myself. Happy New Year!!

  3. You did have a fruitful year! Love all the curved piecing - I need to give that a try myself. Happy New Year!!

  4. Thanks for the groove - and here's to another year of creating!!

  5. Happy New Year! You made a lot of very beautiful quilts, but, by far your Modern Lily is your nicest work this year, in my humble opinion. Hope you will write some new patterns! So glad to have made friends with you this year and looking forward to seeing what inspiring creations you have in store for us in 2014!

  6. My you stitched some beautiful quilts in 2013!! I am looking forward to seeing what beauties you dream up this year!!

  7. I love your work and it was so fun to look them all over again and be impressed again. I think the HST quilt and the re-do of Grandma Lily's quilt are among my favorites. And the String Ring Dresden. You almost didn't get it back. I really wanted to bind and keep it.

    I wasn't going to do a 2013 wrap-up post because it seems like I haven't done much this year, but after looking over all your pretty quilts again, maybe I will. It was fun to see a whole year's worth of learning (on the curve ;) all in one place.

    Great job in 2013 and Happy New Year!

    xo -E

  8. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    You completed so many lovely quilts in 2013, I got a giggle out of the idea of you being a procrastinator!

    The new blog layout looks fantastic. I am especially keen on the font.

  9. Love the changes P!

    I dont do resolutions- Im just going to break them ...I try to make a few goals but I dont write them down (that way I can ignore them if I want to )

    I should probably make a goal about committing to things....

    Happy New Year to you and yours !

  10. the curved piecing is a new concept to me!

  11. Looks like you had a very productive year! I am happy to have found your blog and to see all your lovely work.

  12. Congrats on ALL of your wonderfully inspirational projects made during 2013!


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