Sunday, December 22, 2013

Scrappy Table Runner

It has been a good weekend to finish things up...Christmas shopping, of course, and this little table runner.  I just put the last stitches in the binding a little while ago, as the snow fell softly outside. 

We were due for several more inches of the white stuff today, but it seems to be dissipating now and the sun is peeking out.  Snow or no, it's a fine day to be in the sewing room and maybe catch a bit of the Packers game. 

A couple weeks ago, I was playing around with scraps from the drunkard's path pieces I'd cut for the Hemispheres quilt when an idea came together for this table runner.  I machine appliqued the leaf shapes onto a background and then bordered it with wedge-shaped pieces.

I feel like I'm slowly getting my quilting mojo back.  I used Aurifil here as the top thread and, for the first time, tried Superior Bottom Line in the bobbin, which seemed to work pretty well together.  Bottom Line is a very fine thread which almost disappears into the background while giving good thread definition.  If that makes any sense.

I had thought about making a table runner or wall hanging with a charm pack of Blitzen this season, but that probably won't happen now before Christmas.  Nevertheless, this one seems to go nicely with the Pyrex Snowflake Blue pattern.

As a final note, oh my gosh, you guys, I am SO excited about the quilting Elizabeth did on my String Ring Dresden quilt!  It's on its way back to me in the mail right now, but you can see photos of it over at her blog, Such a Sew and Sew.  She did an amazing job and deserves a huge Whoop-Whoop too!

December Finishes


  1. Such a pretty winter wonderland outdoors! We are in the high 70's here today. Craziness!!

    Oh that blue is magnificent in your table runner! I went and checked out your Dresden quilt and it is Brilliant!!

    A Merry Christmas to you, your hubby and daughter!

  2. P., that turned out beautifully! I love the colors and the fabrics and your quilting is perfect!

    We've had a lot of snow here too. Wish I could stay in all the time -- I've got enough projects to keep me busy.

    Congrats on getting your shopping done! I finished mine as well, and only have two little sewing projects to finish, which is a good thing, since we're running out of time here.

    Again, beautiful job on the table runner! I love it!

    xo -E

  3. Your quilt looks AWESOMELY fabulous...saw it over at E's blog.

    And your table runner looks sweet're having a great week.You even sound completely sane considering that it's Christmas week.

    My machine has cobwebs on it...

  4. I just discovered this blog and since I do some sewing, beading, and etc, I will come back often. Thanks for the wonderful blof that we can all enjoy!

  5. Oooh, your quilty looks great with your Snowflake Garland Pyrex. Nice defined lines too!

  6. You certainly do seem to have your quilting mojo back!! 'Tis a pretty runner!!

    May your Christmas be decorated with many happy times spent with your loved ones over there in that Winter Wonderland of yours!!

  7. The runner I looks wonderful. I did the same thing today just too bad the packers lost! Have a lovely Christmas!

  8. It looks great P! I love your crockery sitting on it too! Can't wait to see your big reveal! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  9. Such a cute little quilt! Your dresden is beautiful too!

  10. God's Blessings and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  11. The runner turned out beautiful! Love it with that pyrex! I was in New Orleans this week and there is shop with tons of pyrex... I made sure to show my kids the $ on them in as a reminder not to put in the dishwasher! I could not believe how much they were charging!


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