Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Black and White

Finally, a finish!  That is a good feeling indeed.  The black and white quilt that I pieced over two years ago has been quilted and bound.

And I lived.

Seriously, the actual quilting is not my favorite part of making quilts, but this was kind of fun once I got into it.  Once I gave up the idea of quilting a perfect spiral, that is.

Shay reminded me that imperfect, scribbly style quilting is called "organic."  To which I responded that this quilt may be so organic it attracts flies!

But the spirals got better each time.  No buzzing was noted in the vicinity.

Having practiced all those circular motions, I moved on to the narrow stop border and did more circles.  Organically, don't you know.

My outer border was a wee bit ripply, I noted as I was basting it.  I fought the urge to remove and resew it and instead hoped it would quilt out.  A little meandering in that area seemed to do the trick. 

Then I went back to the frame borders in the interior and did a back and forth stitch.  I really like how that turned out.  After quilting down one side, I was in the zone and went on to finish them all in one sitting.

Finally, the little red patch.  I changed thread to red and quilted a little daisy with some pebbling (very organic, ahem) around the outside.

It took longer yesterday to hand bind the thing than anything.  I intended to machine bind it, but hand binding is sometimes what happens when you take too generous a seam.

After binding, it was time right away for pictures, since it was the perfect kind of overcast (plenty of light but no glaring sun).  Then the quilt was nap tested.  It passed.

You can see the quilting better from the back.  I had in mind a zen garden kind of thing, thus the straight lines, spirals, pebbles, etc.

The original plan was to quilt it somewhat differently, but after getting reacquainted with the quilt as I was pin basting it, an alternate idea took shape.

I don't have a clever name for this quilt, but I thought of this song.  To call a song a rag is one thing, but a quilt, well, no.  Anyway, both the song and the quilt make me happy!

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  1. Your black and white quilt is beautiful and I truly love the little red patch. I also love that term "organic quilting", I do lots of that. I like the variety of quilting designs you used throughout your quilt. Great work.

  2. Looks good, your circles are nearly perfect...I have such a hard time with them, mine are beyond organic!

  3. Wow, what a great quilt. I love how it looks from the back with the quilting, beautiful!!

  4. LOVELY finish - congratulations! (I do love black and white quilts . . . )

  5. I could never get the hang of playing ragtime on the piano. My piano teacher was really into it and had everyone learn two songs for a recital. I asked if I could do one and then another song. She let me. The Black & White Rag is really fun. What a talented young man.

    And I LoVE the black and white quilt! Your quilting is beautiful and I love that you let the quilt take you where it wanted to go and that you made it your own! Also, I'm glad it passed the nap test. That is the most important part.

    Your photos were so much fun and I loved looking through them several times. Congrats on a really awesome finish!

    xo -E

  6. I love it - Mildly Organic seems to be your forte and not a fly in sight!

    Those spirals in the centre look brilliant and really pop against the other quilting. Tick this one of the list and pat yourself on the back my friend. You kicked it’s butt.

  7. WOW! P!!!!!!!!! It is amazing from both the front and back! I LOVE the fabrics you used in it! And, you know I love the fact you used that spot of red in it.......come to think of it.....you definitely shouldn't name it anything that has to do with the type of music you mentioned! :-P LOL Great finish!

  8. Wow! What a fantastic quilt and your quilting is perfect! The back is awesome and love that red section..so cool! You did kick its butt :)

  9. Great job with the quilting! What a beautiful quilt! And the pictures are superb. Especially the one with the geranium! Congrats on such a wonderful finish.

  10. Your quilting is AWESOME yet you are not fond of doing it. Crazy Lady!

  11. Love it love it love it!! That is one gorgeous quilt!!

  12. Great job on this quilt. I love the black and white (awesome little red). Your quilting was great. Organic rocks!!

  13. Your quilting fits the bill, Miss P. I have to say, I LOVE the quirky addition of the single red square! I am doing that kinda thing more and more, just a random piece out of place, to make the viewer ask "Why?" I shared with my class the thought, and explained that to me, it's to give the person a smile and say, "Why not?" Great finish, girl ~

  14. What a great quilt, especially the amazing quilting! I love the nap test - I may have to add that to my quilt making.

  15. This is wonderful! I love how the fabrics work together.

  16. What a beautiful quilt and the fabrics are so neat! It may have taken 2 years....but it was worth it! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  17. Awesome red accents and your quilting is fabulous!:)


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