Thursday, August 29, 2013

Block Busting

I've been busy making blocks this week for Alycia Quilts' Big Blowout Block Drive for Quilts of Valor.  Thanks to Kevin for the heads up on this block drive!

There are two blocks being collected, one a flag string block and the other a log cabin type block in blue and yellow (links to instructions).  They both went together fast and used a good amount of my overflowing strings and scraps, which made me happy.

Pretty soon, I had 25 done.

Check it out if you're inclined to make a few QOV blocks.  The drive goes on until October 30—and there are prizes!  :)

The flag string blocks are sewn to a foundation fabric.  Here's a tip that's helpful for when you sew a large piece of fabric to  one corner of the foundation.  To keep the two pieces of fabric from flapping apart, use a tiny dab of washable glue stick on the foundation fabric to keep them together.

I kept pushing the trimmings off to the right of the cutting mat as I made blocks (can't be bothered to be tidy when I'm on a productive streak).  This resulted in quite the pile.
Victoria of Bumble Beans had asked for Anvil blocks for her charity quilts, so I knocked out a few of those as well.  Some inspiration came right from that pile of trimmings.

The pink rose of made fabric with the dragonfly was something I had puttered around with in the spring and just pinned to the design board.  It was nice to be able to put it to use.

Next up will be quilting and binding the improv baby quilt, which will be a donation to Project Linus as part of the 100 Quilts for Kids Charity Quilt Drive at Swim Bike Quilt

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  1. Standing ovation for P! Way to knock those donation blocks out! I love your anvil blocks for VFW too! Now, the question is, what are you going to do with the rest of those cuttings and scraps! LOL

  2. I second Kevin's standing ovation. You've been a busy quilter. I LOVE those QoV string flag blocks. Seriously. A lot. I can hear my RW&B storage tote rattling in the other room because my fabrics want to come out & play (lol). October 30, you say? I think that's do-able.

    Love your anvil blocks, too. Super cute!

    And, as always, may I say what beautiful work you do.

    xo -E

  3. Wow, girl, you have been busy, for such good causes, too! Beautiful blocks - makes me want to make some string blocks too! Whoop whoop whoop!!

  4. You got a lot done in a week. I really like your pink rose too. Love the tip about the string quilt blocks too.

  5. Lovely tip about the glue!!! Thanks for sharing - and for getting involved!!!

  6. Those valor blocks look so great, bet the quilts are amazing! Nice work on all your charitable projects.:)

  7. Great QOV blocks P! I need to get at it and get some blocks done.


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