Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Random 8-14-13

I basted the black and white quilt over the weekend, but have been taking my time (read: procrastinating) on getting around to actually starting on the quilting.  It's the way I roll, folks.  I know this and deal. 

That means I do any number of other things instead, like become engrossed in a new-to-me TV series now available on Netflix—Ripper Street.  Matthew Macfadyen, anyone?  Yes, please!

I seriously heart this show.  Wish our cable lineup included BBC America so I don't have to wait a whole year for the second season to get to Netflix.

Last night, I pin-crastinated on Pinterest, beefing up my Hot in Here board rather nicely, I think.
Douglas Booth
I cannot wait until Romeo and Juliet hits theaters in October.  This fellow is worth the ticket price in eye candy.  And Hailee Steinfeld?  Well, I loved her in True Grit.

I should reread Romeo and Juliet before the movie, though, because when it comes to Shakespeare, I always wish there were subtitles.  I like to spend a little time with the language, you know?  Although it's not like I don't remember how the story ends.

Speaking of which, I turn on the subtitles to watch Ripper Street because I don't want to miss any of the dialog.  The writing for that show is topnotch.

So I finally started quilting the black and white quilt today, doing some ditch quilting around the black frames.  Straight-line ditch quilting in black thread on black fabric means there is really nothing to show at this point.  I have an idea to quilt the centers of the frames in spirals, which is different than the original plan, but I think it will be cool, if I can get the hang of it.  I did one on a practice pad, but when I went to quilt the first one on the quilt, it was a spectacular disappointment.  That has been unpicked and I've stepped away from the quilt to allow my frustration to dissipate.  I'll be back for another go at it tomorrow.

Finally, the gardens are producing and I've been blessed this week with tomatoes, kohlrabi, cucumbers, green peppers, and zucchini.   I did the healthy, responsible eating thing with most of the big yellow zucchini I was given, but what I really craved was my old favorite, chocolate chip zucchini cake.  Went Googling for a gluten-free version and found this recipe, which I made immediately, adding one egg and decreasing the sugar by half (it was still plenty sweet).

In a word:  Awesome!! 

Digging this new song by Amos Lee.


  1. Ripper Street is amazing! I, too, am eager for season two to reach Netflix.

    I'm intrigued by another BBC show that's available on Netflix, though, called Copper. What I saw of the first episode was promising. You might like it since you liked Ripper Street.

  2. I love Ripper Street!! I am blessed with BBC America on my dish line up, and there are several British things I watch. The Graham Norton Show is one. Absolutely love him,he is hysterical, you can view him on UTube. I usually have close captioning on too because sometimes I just don't catch what they are saying, between the accent and different words for some things. I need to check out Copper!

  3. Adding Ripper Street to my list..thank you!

    You did a commendable job updating your Pinterest board. ;)

  4. Matthew MacFayden. Sigh.

    When Dr. Who moved from the Sy-Fy (yeah, they spell it that way. It's weird) channel to BBCA, Mr. Bug upgraded our Dish package so I could continue to drool over David Tennant, er, I mean, watch the series. I love BBCA. I haven't gotten into Ripper Street b/c some of the shows are rather gritty. You'll have to give me details, so I can decide if I want to add this to my viewing list.

    I love Shakespeare. The language is beautiful. And Romeo & Juliet coming out in a movie? Going to have to check that out.

    As for the quilting, take your time. Enjoy it (as much as possible). Baby steps, right? Even that is progress.

    xo -E

  5. I was watching all your pins come up in my feed and thinking surely that board has to be getting full now?

    Im sure you'll vanquish that quilting what spectacularly amazing results as always.


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