Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy String Flimsy

This week I managed to get the first string quilt of the new year to its flimsy stage.  I really like the way it turned out!
I used the Crafted Applique technique for the leaves along the vine and the bird.  I have used this method of applique on a few other things in the past, with great success.

This time around, I had some issues with the adhesion of the appliques pieces to the background fabric, and I suspect it may have been due to one of two things, or maybe a combination:  (1) My new iron doesn't get as hot as my old one did, even on the "Max" setting;  (2) My jar of Mod Podge for Fabric is a couple years old and seemed a little thicker/drier than usual.  Maybe that affected its stickiness?

Nevertheless, the pieces did adhere long enough for me to keep them in place to edge-stitch down.  When I quilt the piece, everything will be further secured and it'll all be just fine.

For the outer border, I turned a black and white floral design fabric "wrong" side up, so that it would appear more muted and not detract from the central design.  I was a little hesitant at first, but I think it worked out well.

Norm hadn't seen this project at all until I had the flimsy on the design wall.  His first comment was something about The Partridge Family!  I had to laugh, as I had not thought of that at all.  But now that he mentioned it...

Maybe I was unconsciously channeling my '60s/'70s childhood?  And here I thought I was just making good use of the scraps in the solids bin.

Regardless, we may have hit upon an idea for a name for this little quilt!


  1. I love it! The muted outer border is just perfect.

  2. I love this new string flimsy of yours. The soft greys and white fabrics really make the gorgeous colourful vine and bird pop. Love the soft floral patterned fabric for the border. Such a clever design.

  3. LOL! Those memories that hide in our past that we do not realize they are effecting our present!

  4. Love your version of "Hope for Tomorrow" and your recent Carolina Chain quilt. Great job!

  5. Love this - so much fun seeing how everyone is joining in the Stringalong.


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