Friday, January 29, 2021

January Table Scraps Challenge Table Runner

It's the last weekend in January, time to link up to the Table Scraps Runner/Topper Challenge at The Joyful Quilter.

My goal this month was to do something with the batik strips I had left over from making a quilt for my brother's wedding in October.

For Christmas, he gave us a couple of nicely framed pictures from their special day.  Here's one with all of us siblings (me in the teal).

One of my fondest memories from that day is the couple bopping down the aisle exiting to their recessional song: "I Feel Good" by James Brown.  :)

The wedding quilt I'd made used 17 or 18 different batik fat quarters.  I had taken a chance and ordered a couple different bundles from eBay, which worked out well.

The way I'd cut squares from the FQs left scrap strips that measured about two inches wide.  That's what I used for this table runner.

My inspiration was something I'd seen on Pinterest, a braided table runner from strips (link HERE).  I started laying my strips out in the way she described.  This runner was going to be as long and as wide as it could be from the strips that were available.  I didn't aim for any specific size.  When I ran out of strips, that was it; that was going to be the length of it.  

I cut some pastel solid two-inch squares for the center.  I also tried a layout with one-color (cream or off-white) squares down the center, but that seemed blah, so I went back to the pastel squares.

Their colors remind me of candy hearts, the ones with words on them like "Cute," "Love You," etc.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any process pictures.  It all went together pretty quickly.  

Once I'd used up all the strips, I trimmed the long piece into a rectangle and then sandwiched and quilted it.  I did a meander in variegated thread, but left the center squares empty and just ditch-stitched around them.  I like that it just gives them a simple pillowy look.

In the back of my mind, I was thinking this runner might work on the dining room table, but it turned out to be pretty underwhelming for that large of a surface.  So I popped it on top of the hall table to take pictures, and, surprisingly, it was the perfect size!

So there you have it, my batik scraps table runner, with centers reminiscent of candy hearts.  A sweet little treat just in time for Valentine's Day!


  1. Gorgeous. I really like the French Braid quilts. It suits your space well.

  2. Your runner fits that table perfectly. LOVE your use of pastel solids with those vibrant batiks! Thanks for joining in January's TABLE SCRAPS Challenge.

  3. The pastel solids join all the vibrant baticks together. Beautiful runner, Paulette!

  4. It looks like you planned the runner for just that spot. SO fun when luck works out so well. Such beautiful fabrics. Glad you were able to use them in such a lovely project.

  5. SO so pretty - vibrant and full of memories of the quilt you made. Love that it fits so well on that table (and LOL, I have that same leaf bowl in a darker green).

  6. Well, this gorgeous runner was just meant for your hall table! The perfect fit and colors shining in the light are telling you that life is good! The square pillows in the center being untouched by quilting is a great way to show them off and give a bit of texture, too. Well done!

  7. So pretty, and it obviously needed to be the hall table runner. It's perfect for that spot.

  8. I love how your batik braid quilt turned out! One of these day's I need to try one. Love that it fit the table perfectly.

  9. So pretty, and a wondedful reminder of a quilt you made for a special couple! Congrats on your finish.

  10. OOPS! I may have sent this out before I was through talking. Happens all the time! Hahaha! Anyway, I like that it will always be a reminder of your brother's wedding too. Such a sweet story to go with this runner and the fact that it perfectly fit your hall table means it definitely was meant to be made. Congrats!

  11. A very nice addition to your decor!

  12. The table runner is beautiful! I love that braided pattern. My mom used it for a king-sized quilt a few years back. Ha! Love the choice of music post wedding. Perfect.


  13. What a great way to use up your leftovers. I especially like the little pastel squares; the other colours really zing against them.

  14. Came over from the Table Scraps link. Love how your runner turned out. I looked at a couple of French Braid/Herringbone ideas and may try something like that this month.


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