Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good Stuff

It was a good day at Goodwill.

I found a set of four vintage Lefton China plates.

These would have been part of a snack set that included matching cups. We didn't find the cups, but I forgot to look in one other spot, so I'll go back tomorrow and double check. Pattern #202. Don't know any more than that.

Love those wildflowers, and that little cutout.

Also found a yard and a half of Moda fabric in a yummy lime green for $2.99. Belize came out in the summer of '07, I believe. Coordinating fabrics in the line were bright parrots and tropical flowers.

Not that I'll be coordinating anything. I'm more the uncoordinated type.

It was also a good day in the garden. We dug the parsnips my dad planted last year.

Do you like parsnips? You peel them like a carrot and slice them lengthwise, saute in a little olive oil or butter, salt and pepper. Oh, my goodness...

Check this out. Norm was watching this and laughing when I got up this morning. Then I had to watch it a couple more times!


  1. Love the dishes. Love the fabric. Love parsnips!

  2. What pretty little dishes. Very unique with the cut-out. And what a great price on a yummy piece of green (from another uncoordinated quilter ;-) )

    Haven't had a chance to watch the clip yet, or email you back for that matter because I've been playing with my blog. And now, I'm going to sew.

  3. I love that style of dishes. Very dainty and pretty. Hope you find the cups!


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