Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Miscellany

Ever wonder what your neighbors are thinking as you're adorning the arborvitae?

How about when you're perching your Pyrex?

Snapping your snacks?

Flashing your fabric?



Made a few more Little Dresses this weekend. Got a chance to use some of the lime green Moda fabric I found at Goodwill recently.

I think it's a wrap for me on this project. I've made 5 dresses. Julie's made 5 so far and will be making a couple more, plus she's going to make some Little Britches, or shorts for boys, as well.

Did some thrift shopping Saturday and found this vintage tulip fabric. Okay, I don't know for absolute certain it's vintage, but it's only 36 inches wide, so that's one clue, and the colors have that muted funkiness to them. Rust colored tulips? I'm thinking late '60s, early '70s?

So I'm standing there in St. Vinny's, perusing the old fabric, and it's pretty quiet in the store except for the tinny speakers that are playing something straight out of Napoleon Dynamite. The scene when Pedro and Napoleon are shopping the thrift store and find the suit he's going to wear to the dance. It was surreal, I tell you.

Come to think of it, Napoleon's suit was about the same color as these tulips.


The Pyrex bowls are from the antique mall visit last month, from two different booths. I heart turquoise and red. Can you smell the potato salad?

And speaking of food, Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds are heavenly! When you've got to eat gluten-free and dairy-free like me, you rejoice in finding a new snack that tastes so good.

It's the little things.


  1. Cute, cute little dresses! And I love the turquoise and blue bowls. Yes, I can smell the potato salad, but potatoes do nasty things to my blood sugar, so I'll leave it at smelling. :-) Hey, the almonds are low carb though.

  2. your little dresses are gorgeous - i love the lime green one, and the tulip fabric is amazing!

  3. your dresses are really pretty :)

  4. I like the bold (as in larger) print on the tulip fabric (not bold as in color, since it is a bit muted). Rust colored tulips? Rusty tulips? That brown and green reminds me of my mother's decor as I was growing up. Harvest gold, avocado green and rust colored wall paper in the kitchen, and harvest gold with rust colored flecks in the tiles on the floors. The 70s. Those were the days!


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