Sunday, April 4, 2010


I'm still ripping paper off the pinwheel string units (yawn), but I'm in the home stretch. Working on this in fits and starts (as usual), it feels like it's taking me too long, but it is getting done. I even convinced my brother-in-law-to-be Terry to help the other day while we were visiting. He did a great job too. Do you think it was wrong of me to put him to work like that while he was recovering from surgery? At any rate, I will be finished removing papers by tomorrow and will then be able to play with the layout on the floor. I have to decide whether it is going to need sashing or not. If it does, that will mean a trip to the fabric store. Oh, darn.

I've been feeling kind of scattered lately. Not sure if it was the holiday or just too many things that I needed to do or wanted to be done. Here are a few bits of random thoughts/observations from this past week, in no particular order:

  • We had unexpected visitors first thing yesterday morning--a pair of mallards were enjoying a stroll through the front yard. I did find the zoom this time, but lo, my pictures sucked anyway. There is a setting I need to change on my camera, and I'll do that when I'm not in a big hurry to shoot ducks (via camera) through the window. At least you can tell they're ducks, right? I think they nest along the creek a few blocks east of the house and then spend time in the little pond at the park a few blocks west, so we're in their flight path.

  • I finished reading Craig Ferguson's autobiography, American On Purpose, this week. It's a well-written, humorous, and insightful book by the funniest man on late night TV, in my opinion. Whacky and off the wall is how I like my late night comedy, with a Scottish accent, please. I don't know why I enjoy Scottish accents. Also kilts, not that Craig Ferguson wears one on TV, but he is wearing one on the cover of his book--which did I mention I finished?

  • Mike Rowe was on the cover of this week's American Profile. Another guy who makes me laugh while watching Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. He's got that ruggedly handsome thing going on and a very nice voice as well. I even pay attention to Ford commercials when he's the spokesperson. And if you want to see a hilarious segment from his pre-Dirty Jobs days, when he worked in the San Francisco TV market, do a youtube search for "Mike Rowe Cooks." Oh, never mind, here is a link. Bon appetit!
  • We watched the movie An Education this weekend. Engaging story and fine acting by Carrie Mulligan, Peter Sarsgaard, and Alfred Molina. The movie is set in 1961, so if you're into the whole mid-century/retro thing, you will really enjoy that aspect as well. I kept seeing wonderful things in the set design and costuming--clocks, vintage glasses, tea sets, the great dress Carrie Mulligan wears in Paris, etc. Norm liked the sportscar. The opening music really sets the mood for that era, Floyd Cramer's "On the Rebound," which I would put a link to, but it's not cooperating with me this evening.
  • Ricky Martin supposedly dropped a bombshell last week and announced he is gay. Well, huh. I have had a crush on Ricky Martin since he first appeared on the Grammys, and he may be the reason I got over Michael Bolton. There was speculation about him already then, but who cares! He's still gorgeous and talented and knows how to move. Sigh...

    Have a great Monday, all!


  1. Mike Rowe is great! I think he is hilarious (and very easy on the eyes). I've never been a Ricky Martin fan (too pretty for my taste) but he can move! I do remember you talking about your crush on him, and you graciously put up with my crush on Viggo and his dimpled chin. Nice to know we still share A.R. That's what friends are for, right?

    Didn't you have ducks living in your yard a few years back?

  2. JKP: Alan Rickman could read me the phone book and I'd be happy, as you know. A few years ago, we had a couple of ducks stop by the backyard for a day or two, but they didn't stay around.

  3. Lovely duck pics!

    Enjoyed your comments on the late night guys too. :-) LOL! Speaking of voices, I always used to love Sam Elliot's. Haven't heard or seen him for awhile.

  4. HA! Blogger had a glitch and cut off part of my post. So here's the rest of it: I could listen to Patrick Stewart all day.

  5. So, I noticed your post tag 'Guys I Like' and decided to check it out. Enjoying taking a little stroll down your blog's memory lane. I laughed my hiney off at Mike Rowe cooking naked. I love his easy-going personality on Dirty Jobs -- so funny. He seemed a bit nervous cooking naked, though. Off to check out the other guys you like.

    xo -El


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