Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 17

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas...
And that's mostly because we got our first appreciable snowfall last night, not because I've hauled out the holly.

I have brought out a few Christmas things, but mainly this week, I've continued to sort through my mother's sewing and crafting stuff in an effort to declutter my sewing room.  Decide what to keep and what to donate.  I thought her vintage crochet hooks would make a fun display.

Found this old potholder, which needed a soak in Oxi-Clean, along with a couple of cross stitch pieces that were stashed in a sewing caddy.  Mom did the cross stitch, as evidenced by her initials (and the cigarette burn, oops).



I had to weed through the thread stash piled around my machine before I could sew anything today.  I'll be able to use most of these.

These, on the other hand, are just for fun. 

Dolly couldn't wait to wear my vintage holiday apron, a garage sale find.  I really need to talk to her about proper undergarments, though.  She can be kind of a dummy sometimes.

My rotary cutters and scissors look festively organized.  Okay, I confess; they live in this crock year round.

Not Part of the Plan 
Eventually, I cleared the space so I could start quilting my friend's baby quilt for her.  

Things were going along smoothly until I felt the machine thud over a thick spot.  That can't be good...

This is what I saw when I looked underneath.  I'm pretty sure my Supreme Slider was not part of the design plan for this quilt.  Nothing a little seam ripper and tape couldn't fix though.  Not long after that, however, I ran out of thread, so the rest of the quilting will have to wait until I get to the store.

My sister stopped by Saturday afternoon to show me what she'd just picked up from her antique dealer friend.

Two words:  Flippin' awesome!  It's a Frankoma pottery tea set.  I don't know how old it is, but it's in a beautiful glaze called Prairie Green, I believe.  We christened it by brewing some tea right then and there.

Sunday Funnies

From this week's newspaper:

And anyone caught using said toilet 
will be cited for the same.

Gangster or non-gangster, if it's parked 
in front of the fire hydrant, 
you know it has to go.

What is a "non-gangster" type vehicle anyway?  Does my Toyota qualify?  I don't think the police really have a clue, judging by the quotation marks.  Maybe the informant was thinking back to 2008, when we did have some gangster type vehicles in town for the filming of Public Enemy.  Mm-hmm, that's right.  Johnny Depp was here, y'all.

And I had to work that day.

Thanks for visiting!  Have a great week, and watch out for those pine needles!


Shay said...

I keep all my pens , pencils , scredrivers and other little things like scissors in a bejewelled jar beside my sewing machine. Love the idea of a crock for the bigger stuff.

Your Mom's cross stitch is beautiful. Good job with the cleaning.Im always terrified to clean anything in case I wreck it.

I cannot believe you missed Johnny Depp...

Larri said...

Love Dolly's new apron! And that tea set if fabulous. I'd have brewed some tea right then and there too. Your Mom's cross stitch is absolutely beautiful. What a treasure!

Sounds as if you were quite productive this weekend. I'm hoping to sew a Christmas tree skirt for a friend today. Hope that happens. Happy Sunday! :o)

Karen said...

Lots of treasures well decluttering your sewing room. That is always fun. LOVE the tea set!!!

Sarah Craig said...

Looks like you've had a fun week weeding through stuff! I love that tea set - how come I can't find anything that cool when I go to the thrift store?

Toronto Yardsaler said...

Illegal "dumping." I bet the enforcement agency has been waiting forever to have an illegally "dumped" toilet just so they could write it up. Ha ha!

Toronto Yardsaler said...

BTW that first picture of the crochet hooks in the window could win an award. I'd love to have an enlargement hanging on my wall. So beautiful and peaceful. Maybe you should start selling prints. I'll buy!

Anonymous said...

Love the tea set. That is beautiful. If you ever decide you need a home for the crochet hooks, let me know. (Frankly, I'd keep them just as you have them--on display!)

It's snowing hear, sort of. There's maybe a quarter of an inch on the ground right now and some blowing around int he air. Not sure if it will stay. Actually, I AM SURE it won't stay, since this is NC and even last year's major snow storms didn't produce snow that stayed for longer than a week or two.

Michelle said...

Your mom did such beautiful work. So glad the oxyclean was able to brighten them up.

All of those spools of thread just look so inviting and festive. What determines which ones you'll be able to use and which ones you won't?

Oops! When you first said your heard a thud while FMQ, I was afraid something had happened to Jane. So glad it was an easy fix.

Got a giggle out of your police blotter. :-)

Miri said...

Thanks for the chuckle! Non-gangster cars are my favorite!

Love the tea set!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading your post, and I agree with Toronto the first photo with the crochet hooks. I'll buy one also:-)


Jenn said...

Pretty jars that the crochet hooks are in. Merry Christmas

Diane said...

That tea set is awesome! I love the pot holder... it came through the oxi soak looking great! And that Singer is just like my moms that I learned on... I keep hoping to find one for myself.

Elizabeth said...

P., your quilting is looking really nice! And all of those spools of thread are awesome -- the ones you can use and the ones you can't. I loved watching the magic Oxyclean transformation of those things your mom made. And the police blotter is hilarious. You have to wonder if they hire someone with a twisted sense of humor to write those, because it seems a universal thing. I got a real laugh out of the 'illegal dumping' warning.

xo -El