Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Basting in the Kitchen

I basted this adorable baby quilt together tonight.  It's not mine; it was made by a friend's daughter and they asked if I would quilt it.  

I am honored that they have entrusted me with it, and I'll do my best. They understand I am still learning so it is bound to have some...idiosyncrasies.  The plan is to use a blue variegated thread and stipple it.

I came across this post at Shelly's Quilts several months ago, and I bookmarked it to read and re-read whenever I need a quilting pep talk.  I really should print it out and post it somewhere in my sewing room.

Last week, I bought a couple of delightful quilt patterns.  The first was this awesome Funky Peppermint table runner from Penny at Sew Take a Hike.  It's for sale in her Etsy shop here, but the first link has a nice, close-up photo.  It's a paper pieced pattern, which I didn't know until after I bought it, but I guess it's as good a time as any to give paper piecing another chance and hopefully get more comfortable with it.

Next was the Chain Linked pattern by Amy at Diary of a Quilter.  I fell in love with this quilt at first sight and am so glad she made the pattern available.

Finally—oh-my-gosh!—is the Mod Beads quilt pattern from Liz at Lady Harvatine.  It looks a little tricky with those curves, but she claims it's easier than it would appear.  Check out the Christmas version she is working on now (scroll down toward the end of that link).  Too cute!

Sorry to have you jump around with all those links, but remember you can right-click and select "open link in new tab" instead of navigate off the page and back.  Most of you probably already knew that.

Before I can start on any of those, however, I need to get a few other things finished.  Remember the Christmas whirlygig quilt?  

'Tis the season to get it quilted!  I found the Sheri Berry fabric on clearance at recently and ordered what I hope is enough for the backing.  Unfortunately, the 4 yards came in 3 pieces, which will present a "design opportunity."

Did I ever show you the selvage from this fabric from when I pieced the top?

Cheistmas?  (The green writing is mine).  That's definitely an E not an R.  You can see both below, for comparison.

 If I were the designer, I would be more than annoyed.

Anyone need a proofreader for their selvages?  Call me—will work for fabric!


Shay said...

And that's what happens when you get your fabric printed in China..

I didnt know about the right click thingy ..because I am an idiot. And I bet Im the only ne who reads your post that didnt know it. And I just outed myself.

Cant wait to see the finished whirly gig quilt. It already looks fantastic!

Sarah Craig said...

I won one of the Funky Peppermint Table Runners, so we can suffer through paper piecing together! Although, I'm thinking maybe not before Christmas this year..... too many gifts yet to make! I love your Christmas Whirlygig quilt, too, and I'm sure your quilting will be gorgeous on that quilt for your friend!!

Jane said...

I'm in love with your Christmas quilt, such a beautiful color combination! And I have to join the ranks of not knowing about the right click thing too.....I learn about the capabilities of my computer little by little!
OK - now I have to admit my other fault - not getting your Pyrex plate sent as planned. Not trying to make excuses but if you could see my dining room table right now (and the plate was buried under Christmas stuff) you would understand why it got lost in the shuffle. I promise I will get it sent this week.....really I will :)
Have a great day.

SueWis said...

I would love to make a whirlygig quilt. I'm sure I could make one for Christmas. Ha, I crack myself up.

I love the right click thing. In wordpress you can make your links open in a new window but I don't think there's that option anywhere in blogger(we use wordpress at work).

You have lots of patterns in your queue! Have fun!

Michelle said...

What a pretty baby quilt! So cool you get to stipple it. The variegated thread sounds perfect.

Thanks for the tour of your new patterns. I especially like the chain links.

So nice to see the whirligig quilt again! LOL! I don't think I'd have noticed the typo on the selvage. Hmmm. I'll have to start proofreading them. ;-)

Michelle said...

Forgot to mention--really enjoyed the article about quilting on Shelly's Quilts. She's so right!

Anonymous said...

When I saw all that blue and white, I thought, "P's doing something in my style." Then I read the post and thought, "guess not." Then I saw the whirly gig quilt, and changed my mind again. Love it!

C-H-E-I-S-T-M-A-S I'm trying to pronounce that in a way that sounds like a valid word. All I'm getting is the sound my cat makes when he has a hairball.

Betty said...

Cheistmas, lol. As always, I am in awe of your quilts. Thanks for entering my Christmas Books giveaway. Good Luck!

Kristen said...

Too funny! Was it printed in a foreign country?? My SIL taught in S. Korea and would find all sorts of thing in 'wonderful' English!

I do like the quilt blocks!