Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Things I Do for You, Mrs. P.

Mrs. P of Quilting in my Pyjamas, talks about her style today, specifically, what does your wardrobe say about you.  Well, I don't even want to know what mine says about me because it's probably a dirty liar McLiar-pants.  

But then she asked what we're wearing as we read said post.  I took it as a dare.

This is also representative of what I wear to work every day—elastic-waist jammy pants, long-sleeved t-shirt, and a hoodie or pullover over that.  Can you tell I work two of three jobs from home?  This afternoon, however, I'll be dressed in office casual (dark slacks, sweater set, low-heeled dress shoes) as I chat with insurance reps from somewhere outside my dining room. 

How about you?  What are you wearing? 


  1. P., you're adorable. And much cuter in your PJ's than I am in mine. I avoid mirrors in my jammies because I look all lumpy and there's no way I'd post a photo of me in my jammies (which I am still wearing, but it's only 9:15 am here; I'll get dressed soon). You are awesome.

    xo -El

  2. Love it, P!!! I think you look fabulous, plus I love your pose!

    PS...I took it as a dare and I played along too. :o) Happy Tuesday!

  3. One more thought as I look at your snap...are you really that tall or are you standing on something? My head barely reaches the top shelf of the fridge let alone surpasses the tippy top of it. :o)

  4. You're tall and willowy P- nothing wrong with that. I wish I was...Im too short for my weight at 5 foot 6 inches.

    Love love love the pj's. Universally people have commented they were wearing pyjamas while reading my post which leads me to ponder , if it's day there and night here or vice versa who was in pj's during the day!

    I love that you too it as a dare. Too cool!

  5. Most days I look just about like that picture of you - - - - plus quite a few pounds and probably a few years!

    I don't watch those "make over" style shows - - - I'm afraid I'll hear something that makes my wardrobe seem even WORSE to me than it already does!

  6. You look so cute in your pjs, P! :-)

    I've not posted any pics for Mrs. P. However, since responding to her post, I've retired from my sweats to my nightgown with lightweight sweats underneath and a pink, furry robe. Now, isn't that a picture? LOL! Life's tough--sweats to jammies.

  7. I love my comfy at home clothes, but no pics from me. :)

    You do look cute striking that model's pose.

  8. You look mah-velous, dahling, as always. Is that snow out your window, or just reflection? We were in Michigan for Thanksgiving, and just missed the snow there. I would have like to have seen a nice November snow fall. Here we had rain, lots and lots of rain. My carpet looks like the dogs walked through paint and left foot prints all over. Time to get out the carpet cleaner.


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