Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 15

Progress has been made on Christmas sewing this week.  Eleven gathered clutches down, ?? to go.  

I like them all, but I must admit I have a favorite...or three.

The insides are cute too, but kind of hard to photograph.  You'll have to take my word for it.

I've got fabric pulled for five or six more, but I'm getting antsy to sew something else.  Something that hopefully won't bite.

Deja Vu, All Over Again
I sewed through the end of my middle finger Friday night (see previous post).  On Saturday morning, I did the same dumb thing!  I wish I were making this up.  My fingers wouldn't be hurting as I type. 

The weird thing is (as if that weren't enough), I happened to look up at the clock after I did it the second time, and the time read the same as it had when I sewed over the other finger the night before, 10:40.  I initially thought the clock had stopped, but when I looked over at the other clock, it was the same.

Cue the Twilight Zone music.

I dabbed the blood and kept on sewing, this time wearing protection (leather thimble).  Thankfully, there were no further incidents.  I am not in the habit of getting nabbed by my sewing machine.  It's my own fault for keeping the zipper foot on to do a straight seam and trying to finesse it over the tricky spots.

I've been buying eggs from a woman I work with who started raising chickens this year.  I opened a new carton this week and spied this monster:

That's a store-bought large egg on the left for comparison, and a normal sized farm egg on the right.  Just looking at Egg-zilla gives me a sympathetic twinge for the hen who laid it.  You know that had to cluckin' hurt!

Other than a double yolk, there was nothing wrong with it.  It made a tasty omelet!

Shaving All My Love 4U
Some men look better clean shaven.  Brett Favre, for one.  Other guys look better with some facial hair, and Norm is in this latter group.  Today he decided to shave his goatee—as in right down the middle.  I am always startled when he does something like that (who are you and what have you done with my husband?), and it takes me a while to adjust.  Frankly, though, I don't know that this look is something I'm keen on getting used to.

Paul Teutul, Sr. of Orange County Choppers

Gorman Thomas-1970s Milwaukee Brewers Baseball
James Morrison is a guy who sounds smooth, any way you shave him.  I love the throwback groove of this song.   

Thanks for visiting, and if I don't post again before Thursday, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I love your clutches. They all look great. I tried one and it didn't turn out right so I gave up. Maybe I'll try again.

  2. Ouch, poor fingers. Turn off the machine at 10.30 tonight!
    Love the clutches, but egg-zilla made me laugh. I expected some mutant to come out of that one, not just a double yolk.

  3. Bless your heart! I wondered how in the world you'd done it. The zipper foot explains everything. Hope it isn't bothering you too much.

    Those clutches are really fun. I saw a bit of Frolic in there -- so cute!

    And the James Morrison takes me back.

    xo -El

    I've never seen a double-yoked egg. Cool. That had to cluckin' hurt - very funny. P. you have the best sense of humor. I love to read your blog.

  4. P.S. I'm not sure why my comment posted out of order. The part about the double-yolked egg (spelled incorrectly) was supposed to go above the part about the clutches. Must be cyber gnomes, which also would not let me listen to the James Morrison without pausing every ten seconds or so. Can you hear me rolling my eyes?

  5. Love the plethora of clutches...

    There's something spooky going on in your sewing room at 10.40 am/pm. Sewing room gremlins. How Scary. You need to get your zipper foot excorsized or blessed or drive a stake through it's heart or something.

    Ive never seen Mr. P without his goatee. I saw a picture once and I dont think I'd love him anymore if he shaved it off because he doesnt look like Mr. P at all.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is fabulous. We dont do that here so Im envious you get to do two big celebrations within a month of one another.

  6. too weird about the timing on the gathered clutches! and they look great by the way!!
    be careful, have a great week!

  7. Ouch--Hope your fingers heal fast. The clutches are really look nice. Anything that you can get on a farm is always bigger and tastes better :)

  8. Hey P, those clutches all look so pretty grouped together like that. I see about 11 of them that are my favorite. :-)

    Sorry about your fingers. You're sure Tammy hasn't grown fangs?

    "Cluckin' hurt!" Omigod. It's a good thing I wasn't drinking coffee now or I'd have spewed it all over the monitor.

    Oh it is freaky when men who usually sport beards or mustaches decide to shave them or change them.

    James Morrison? Oh yeah, that IS smooth.

  9. Ouch, I have done it two,nah maybe three times, right through the nail, & last time it didn't even break the needle, so I kept right on sewing after I stopped the bkeeding!! But I did hit the bone & ended up at the dr. & had to take some meds!
    My favorite clutch, the pink & black, but they are all lovely!

  10. Ok, no more sewing at 10:40! AM or PM to be safe.

    I remember years ago when we had chickens it was fun to see a double yolk. Sad thing now is that my neighbor's chickens were killed by a weasel so there went my egg supply.


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