Friday, November 5, 2010

Favorite Things Friday - The Basics

(If you're looking for the Blogger's Quilt Festival post, it's here.)

Sometimes I get the best ideas in the shower.  Other times, I just get ideas— good, bad, whacky, fleeting.  This week's FTF idea came to me in the shower, and I'm not even going to think about what category it belongs in.

When it comes right down to it, we all use a lot of our favorite things before anybody ever sees us in public.  You know, the basics—the kind of face or body wash we use, our favorite makeup products, even our unmentionables (oh, you know I'm going to go there).

Actually, I'm kind of short on time again today, so I'll let a few photos do most of the talking.  And no, I'm not being paid to endorse anything here.  These are just some of my favorite basics.

I used to love Bath & Body's Japanese Cherry Blossom body wash, but then I ran out and shortly thereafter started reacting to other body wash products in a most unpleasant way.  So I've had to scale back on the scents and ingredients in favor of a bar for sensitive skin.  I don't like that I have become such a delicate flower, but I do like not feeling irritated.  Or, you know, any more irritated than usual.

My makeup routine is pretty minimalist, I think.  Well, I guess compared to no makeup, it's not, but I prefer not to scare people if I can help it.  And Bare Minerals?  Rocks.

I have very few requirements in hair products, but one most important is that it doesn't strip my color (L'Oreal Healthy Look + salon highlights).  Because I am somewhat lazy and don't like to color any more than I absolutely have to.  Fructis smells good too, which is a plus.

And, finally, the unmentionables, mentioned.  TMI?  I really only wear the knee-his once or twice a week.  The rest of the time it's Hanes crew socks, the shorty ones that come just above your shoe.  I didn't have time to run down to the clean laundry basket and find a pair for you.

Now go on over to Quilting in My Pyjamas and have a look at what others are saying about their Favourite Things!


  1. I love your post! All the things you mentioned I don't think about being favorite things until I realize that it didn't get on the grocery list or into and out of laundry. Thanks for sharing!

  2. perfect! Being a practical girl myself, I can relate to all of your favorites! I've often wanted to try the more "expensive" oil of olay products - maybe this will convince me. I am not prone to sensitive skin, I'm just a cheapskate!

    thanks - I loved this!

  3. I love your post, a great reminder that without all these things we would be lost. I would love to use the Oil of Olay products as they are reasonably priced and a great product, except that my skin has reacted to them so I have had to try something else.
    Great post :)

  4. So funny...mentioning your unmentionables. Thats one of the things I love about you P. You go where few of us dare to tread.

    We all have our favourite things in this area so this post was a fabulous idea.

    I'm a ssnsitive skin girl too so I have soap, shampoo, conditioner, and deoderant for that.I'm so low maintainence I wear makeup perhaps 4 times a year these days. (Lazy!)

    And I have moisturised every day since I turned 19 which is just as well, because if I hadnt I'd probably look like a dried out apple by now.

    My getting ready to face the world routine is pretty minimalist!

    Still giggling over the unmentionables. I really need to buy new undies...

  5. P...I love your post! :o) I'm a BareMinerals girl, and am also quite fond of anything Ulta. As for your unmentionables, girl, have you seen my fancy panties post? I need to send you some stretch lace so you can whip up something a little less militant! Once you stitch up your own panties, you'll never buy another pair! LOL Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

  6. Fabulous post! I'm extremely minimalistic. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash (or bar soap), run a comb through the hair, and head out the door with it wet (sometimes dripping a bit--no blow dryer for me--I'm very low maintenance). Occasionally, once I get to work, I might put my contacts in and maybe even put on a touch of make up (some face powder). If I'm really feeling like getting all dressed up, I might actually add some mascara and some lip gloss.

    As for the unmentionables--well, mine are wearing out and extremely unmentionable at the moment. Perhaps I should buy some new things.

  7. P., you are too funny! Great post! does that Olay Regenerist help? I'm starting to get wrinkles, but I don't want to start using a wrinkle cream for fear that if for some reason I have to stop using it (like they stop manufacturing it because the discover it really is bad for you -- yeah, a little paranoid) that the wrinkles will come back with a vengeance and worse than before.

    Oh, and I do my best thinking in the shower. Something about the sound of the water washes away all the worries and I can concentrate on good ideas.

    xo -El

  8. Loved your post and your unmentionables :-)


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