Friday, November 19, 2010

Favorite Things Friday - Funny Commercials

Five minutes.  That's all I have before I have to punch in and work--which isn't really punching in, but rather logging in.  Well, maybe I can stretch it to ten.

I actually gave this post some forethought this week and saved links to a few of my favorite TV commercials of the past couple months.  Do Australians call them commercials, Mrs. P.?  Clue me in in the comments.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites:

Love that word: Jackwagon!

"...and praying mantises..."

J.K. Simmons (the Professor) is one of my favorite character actors. And he has pretty eyes!


  1. My daughter wants more. Love the pigggy. yes we call them commercials, though here were your husband has the remote we don't see them because commerical time is when you channel surf.

  2. You can post lots more of those please, as we don't have those particular commercials here. I always like to see good/funny commercials from overseas.

  3. I didn't recognize J.K. Simmons the first time I saw this. He was missing his J. Jonah Jameson hair from Spider Man. He's a great actor. I love the Geico commercials.

    Giggle: confirmation word is "snettypoo"

  4. LOL! I've never seen the Geico piggy before. Actually, the only I had seen before was Therapy Sarge, although I've seen a different version of the Farmers college commercial.

    Thanks for the giggles.

  5. Yep..I liked the piggy ..too cute. Loved the drill sergeant one as well (Thats how I do counselling !)

    There seems to be a trend here with our TV commercials to make them as annoying as possible to get your attention.

    Please , please do another one of these . I loved seeing your commercials. Terrific FTF.

  6. Great ads, loved the counselling session, sometimes that thought goes through my head too when seeing patients! Lol!

  7. These are all hysterical! Have you seen the Jack In The Box commercial where Jack is congratulating his mom on clipping coupons, and his dad pops his head in the kitchen and tells Jack's mom to call the doctor, it's been more than four hours?

  8. Brilliant!! Such fun to watch, that piggy reminds me of someone.....oh yes my seven year old ;-)

    PS I wear my Jade on a plain gold chain, I had it on leather for a while but was worried I was going to lose it as I never take it off (except to photograph :-) )

  9. Fabulous FTF! :o)

    The piggy always makes me laugh. I've seen them all before except the Charter commercial, which is ironic because that's my IP. LOL

    Post more! Post more! Happy FTF! :o)

  10. Loved seeing your commercials.

  11. Wee all, love that Piggy commercial in our house too. Yes, weeeeee do!
    Sorry, just had to do it.

  12. We have a DVR and record everything and watch it later just so we can skip the commercials. Funny thing is, I've seen all but the phone commercial. Oh, and I'm with the mom driving the car in the piggy commercial.

    Great FTF!

    xo -El

  13. Great FTF. I had not seen the Farmers University one. So thanks for sharing. We had to explain the piggy one to our daughter, which we never fail to remind her of when it comes on!

  14. Love the weeweewee piggy one! I never get tired of seeing it. :)


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