Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You Would Not Even Believe...

There has been some impromptu thrifting going on the past two days.  Just two stops on my way to or from somewhere else (fabric store, dad's house), but you would not believe the cool stuff and the deals!

Pyrex carafe and cute mugs

How come when a thrift store has a 50% off sale, it almost feels like stealing?

Well, I am here to confess to you, in pictures, everything I bought.

Butterfly Gold Cinderella Bowls (Size 444 and 442)

Awesome Platter! (unmarked-anybody know?)

 Pyrex Colonial Mist Cinderella Bowl Set 
(Sizes 444, 443, 442, 441)

 A humongous set of these vintage dishes.
The name of the maker/pattern escapes me.

Funky vintage fabric!

And here is the most incredible part.

Under thirty bucks for everything you see above!

Forgive me, but that was just so much fun!


Larri said...

Wow! What a score! Isn't it fun to shop at the thrift stores? Some people have no idea what they're missing! :o)

Alyssa Bee said...

AMAZING loot! Really loving that huge set of vintage dishes! I've seen the pattern before too, but can't remember the name off hand either. And everything under $30 is pretty mind-blowing :)

Jenn said...

You would have had to have got out the smelling salts if I found a loot like that.

Michelle said...

Wow! You did make out like a bandit! And such pretty loot too. :-)

I must admit being particularly partial to all the blue items you came home with.

The platter is so unique. It will be interesting to hear if anyone knows anything about it.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, your vintage dishes are my favorite, but the blue pyrex bowls are a close second. I think I need to take 'thrifting' lessons so I can be as cool as you! I love a good deal!

xo -El

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! I love those blue Pyrex bowls!

SewLindaAnn said...

I'm going to have to move to your town, I have many thrift stores here to go to but never have I seen such beauty as your haul!Amazing!

Jenny said...

fabulous finds P! my sister has some of that cute blue printed vintage plates too! i love when thrifting goes right.

Sarah Craig said...

All of it's great, but I particularly love that vintage fabric!! What a great find!!

Shay said...

Crazy Bargains! I love it all. This is what is known as Thrifty Thrifting to the Max.

Im off to do the same thing tomorrow, but I bet I dont get anything anywhere near as fabulous.

SueWis said...

Oh how fun! Good thing we don't go thrifting together or we would probably fight over these finds! j/k ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, my parent's had those dishes when we were little. I think they got rid of them years ago. I told my mom that people collect all the pryrex stuff that she still uses and she said she knew and that it was expensive.

SixBalloons said...

I believe this is called the Swiss Chalet pattern. Great finds!