Monday, August 29, 2011

All Smiles

I was already feeling pretty good about today and the fact that I got all the blocks done for the Pips in a Basket quilt.  I laid them out on the living room floor this morning and played musical squares for a while.

Then I got the mail, and there was a squishy!  Gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics, giveaway winnings from Vicki at Dotty Jane Designs, along with a special mini-quilt or candle mat! 

Can a Monday get any better?  I think not!

Just look at that tiny pebble quilting, so pretty.  Thanks so much, Vicki!  I just love it!  The wheels are already turning on how best to showcase those lovely fabrics.

It had been a while since I'd been thrifting, but I had a a 25% off coupon from Goodwill burning a hole in my pocket and due to expire in a few days.  So we stopped there yesterday and I found this pretty little black and white damask print plate.  My coupon saved me all of 75 cents on it, ha. 

Dad's tomatoes are becoming ripe.  I picked a bunch yesterday and made fresh tomato chili last night with about eight of them.  Just rinse, core, and give them a spin in the food processor.  No need to peel at all.  

He grew several varieties this year.  This particular kind are on the small side and have interesting

I entertained my inner 12-year-old and gave them some "embellishments" in Picnik (online photo editing).  What do you think?

I just gotta be me...

Keep smiling!


  1. Lovin' those pip squares, P, and I'm glad you are you! Thanks for the happy smiles ~

    That black/white plate is pretty cool, too.

  2. You know that plate would look great in my kitchen don't you?

    The pips quilt looks awesomely fabulous. Your mail looks fantastic too!

    Love the happy capsicum ...thank goodness for your inner child.

  3. The pips quilt is beautiful. Makes me want to try the pattern ..

  4. Those are some happy veggies:)
    The pips look great with the gray. Very nice combination.

    I'm so glad you liked your squishy contents!

  5. Congrats on your squishy!!
    Pebble quilting is something I need to try on a quilt and not just scribbling,but for some reason I keep going back to my swirly design!

    Not going to even mention what those tomatoes look like though--he,he,he

  6. I adore your "Pips in a Basket" quilt in progress and in the layout you have pictured, the distribution of dark and light blocks.

    What a wonderful Monday indeed, you lucky girl! It's awesome getting goodies in the mail!

    I hope your Tuesday is just as excellent!

  7. Forgot to mention: SCORES!!! on your black and white damask plate, it's beautiful! And those tomatoes look delicious, YUM. :D

  8. I love seeing what you're doing with that Pips jelly roll!! So cute!! And you lucky dog - hand-dyes from Vicki! She's given me a couple, too, and I just love them.

    Have a great day!!

  9. I just that quilt!!! Great pattern and great fabrics!


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