Friday, August 19, 2011

Favorite Things Friday - Berries and Dairy, Oh My!

I snapped up the only pint of raspberries I could find at the farmer's market this week.  "That's the last of them," Farmer Brown said.  I have no idea what his real name is, but that's what he said. Such sad news, conveyed with typical Midwestern matter-of-factness.  To everything there is a season, and the jig is up on raspberries.

Anyway, as you know from my last FTF post (and has it been that long?),  I do love berries.  Blue-, black-, straw-, lingon-, they're all fabulous.

You may also know that I avoid dairy products.  It hasn't always been that way, but about four or so years ago I gave up dairy and gluten due to tummy issues after testing confirmed that I was reacting to both.

Then in May, I stopped eating refined sugar, and now I'm working on removing other processed carbs and grains.  Tummy feels even better.  Maybe it's had some time to heal?

So when the stars aligned this week, i.e., I was having a powerful craving for thick Greek yogurt and Piggly Wiggly was having a sale, I decided to risk it.  Besides, I had nowhere to be but home, should there be an unfortunate aftermath.

There was none.  It was GOOD!  So good, I've had two more servings just like this one, today's with the last of the fresh raspberries.  And by servings, I'm talking only half a small carton at a time.

So, will I be sprinting to the nearest Kwik-Trip for a jug of chocolate moo-juice?  Not on your life (besides, me run?).  But if you slip me a piece of cheddar cheese...


  1. A fellow Wisconsinite that cannot have dairy--how strange;)

    But wow that dish of berries and greek yogurt looks oh so tasty!

  2. I haven't had Greek yogurt but I do like yogurt but the sweet kind like Danon ect. - is Greek yogurt sour or sweet?

  3. I'm a berry lover too. I'm so glad your yogurt left no ill effects.

  4. Oh, I love love love raspberries! Great FTF!

  5. That looked so good I could almost taste it. Nothing like Greek yoghurt....goes with everything!

  6. Delicious....I´ll go and fetch some berries right now..

  7. I know how you feel, I probably shouldn't have wheat or dairy but at this stage the consequences aren't dire. I love all berries other than raspberries. I can't even face raspberry flavored things after an incident with raspberries a couple of years ago.

  8. I love berries too...and greek yoghurt- Yum! Two of my favourite food items.

    I'm glad you didnt suffer any ill effects. I actually got a visual of that possibility as I read what you wrote. Blerk. Stop being so graphic!

    So piggly wiggly is an actual store? I thought that was just a nickname you guys used for the chain.

  9. Mmmm. Raspberries! If they would keep in the mail, I'd send you some from my garden. SO good! One of my favorite breakfasts is plain yogurt with granola and fruit -- nectarines is a favorite, strawberries come in second and I've never tried raspberries because dairy is not-so-friendly to me. I can take it in small doses, and really miss the tastiness (and protein) from that breakfast. I may have to make a dash to the store between trips because you've got me craving it now and I don't have any granola or yogurt.

    I'm rambling. So, to sum up, YUM! Berries are awesome.

    xo -E

  10. Yumm! I just found out I have the same issues. So now I only look at fondly at dairy products. How could you not try it? Those berries look amazing!!


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