Friday, August 19, 2011

Pips in a Basket

This week's progress on the Basket Case quilt:  About a dozen blocks.  

I'm using a jelly roll of Sherbet Pips, giveaway goodies from Sarah's H2H kickoff some months ago.

And there are some adorable little pipsqueaks in this fabric!

Using an ash solid from Connecting Threads.  I really like it.  Their solids have a smooth, well-made feeling.

Wish I had more to show for the week, but being able to sew together a block or two each day, between work and other stuff, seems whoop-worthy enough.

Thanks for popping by!  Click over to Sarah's and see what others have accomplished this week, and link up if you're sew inclined!


  1. Look at you and your pips love, it's really a neat finish! i like how well the gray plays with Aneela's prints. It really is great!

  2. I love that quilt pattern and Pips with that grey is perfect! I need to win more giveaways! ;D

  3. The grey background works really well with the Pips. The blocks are turning out great.

  4. Another beautiful quilt in the making! Don't know how you do it!!!

  5. This is just too too cute ! nice owrk !

  6. I'm rather partial to greys at the moment and it compliments your Sherbet Pips beautifully.

    That quilt is going to be sooooo cute!

    Whoop! Whoop!

  7. I love love love your pips quilt. The solid goes so well!!

  8. Girl on the swing you will be mine one of these days!

    Oh sorry I am speaking my thoughts;)

    This looks like such a playful pattern and easy?!

    Greys are wonderful fillers aren't they.

  9. Oooh, P., I love what you're doing with those Pips! I need to add this pattern to my bucket list - it's really cute, and a great way to use a jelly roll!! Whoop whoop!!

  10. Now I really think this pattern is just for this fabric! Wonderful!!

  11. Totally Whoop worth! Love it! Those colors are so fun.

    xo -E

  12. That quilt rocks .. where might I find the pattern?


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