Thursday, March 29, 2012

Favorite Things Friday ~ Cars and Drivers

I went car shopping with my daughter M. on Monday.  I don't mind car shopping, actually.  I've negotiated for and bought every car we've ever owned.  Norm doesn't like haggling about cars, but it doesn't bother me in the least.

I also like hanging out with my daughter, so any day we get to do that is a very good day.

She has a great, wry sense of humor.  Take, for example, this exchange.  

We're heading out of town where a new building is being constructed, and we both muse over what it might be:

M:  It looks like a vet clinic. [Daughter is a veterinary technician]

Me:  [On seeing the sign out front]  Oh, it's a funeral home.

M:  Same thing.

Now, see?  That might make some people groan or gasp, but it cracked me up.  Dark humor?  Yes, please. 

The day ended without a car purchase, but a possibility on one of the lots we visited.  And I got to drive a sporty black Saab, which was fun.

But the icing on the cake came when we were in the drive-through at Wendy's at the end of the long day.  We were behind a car with the Coolest. Bumper. Sticker. Ever (if you are a Twilight fan).  I made M. take a photo with her iPhone.  "Augh, you're such a fan girl, Mom!"

And here is Edward Cullen himself (or his stunt driver).  This is the best clip I could find; it's dubbed in Spanish, but the words aren't important.  What I really want to know is how to make that 180 turn at 30 seconds in.  Put your seat belt on.


  1. I am happy that you enjoyed your day with your daughter so much! Car shopping is always fun until the paper work of course;)

  2. Awesome! You know my feelings on Edward. And the bumper sticker.

    Also, I thought your daughter's comment about the building was funny too. I laughed before reading your response.

    xo -E

  3. some of the best jokes are the ones i share with my adult daughter. time with her is scarce and we laugh laugh laugh ...

  4. Love the bumper sticker! nice to have good times with your daughter.

  5. It's great to spend Mother/Daughter time...even etter when you share a good sense of humour.

  6. Days with daughters are awesome! Best laughter ever:)

  7. days with our daughter is one of our biggest blessings...:)

    oops, you have the 2 word verification on...just sayin'. :)

  8. I think your daughter and I would get along just fine. I get it ...

    Like you, I'm the car buyer in our family. Even the guy who sold me our last car commented I was a tough negotiator.

    I think the best thing about shopping for a new car is when you finally find the one you've been searching for. Joy!

    I did a defensive driving course once and we got to skid cars and do weird turns all in the name of learning . It was very very cool!

  9. Daughters! :) There is nothing like having a daughter that makes you laugh. I have four and they crack me up. Ok..they have dark sides too..but I think it's funny. Car shopping is..actually like garage sales.."Would you take $$ ...hmmmm?" Love it. I also am the car buyer in our family! :)
    Have a great weekend!!
    ..terrible time reading those blasted words.. lol

  10. Your daughter's comment during the conversation over the building made me literally LOL!


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