Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Patch of Sun Finished!

A few weeks ago, while my daughter was visiting and we were chatting, she arranged some yellow and white half-square triangles together on the living room floor and came up with a cool design (see post here).  I then sewed them together and dubbed it A Patch of Sun.  
This past week, I practiced my free-motion quilting for this month's challenge by deciding to try some loopy daisies on A Patch of Sun.  I doodled a bit on paper, then went right to the machine.
First I did a couple daisies on a practice piece.  Those had five petals, but for some reason when I started on this, I was making four bigger petals and just stuck with it.  Maybe I had four-leaf clovers on the brain? 

I used a yellow Sulky thread that was already on the machine and a white Isacord thread in the bobbin.
The back is a D9P (disappearing nine-patch), which in this colorway is also known as an EEB (exploding Easter basket). ;)

You like bright?  Ka-boom!  There you go!

So there you have it: 

A finish for the week for Can I Get a Whoop Whoop...

Practice for the FMQ Challenge 2012 this month... (having trouble inserting the HTML code for that; button on sidebar).

And A Stitch in Time 2012 finish for March. In light of recent events, it may be my only March finish, but we'll see.

March Finishes

At any rate, I now have this hanging in my entryway and will enjoy the happy glow of A Patch of Sun for a while!


  1. Wow the quilting is amazing! Loving the yellow! The back of the quilt looks great too. It's like two separate quilts in one! =D

  2. Wow, a pop of sunshine right when you come in the door. Great quilting!

  3. Whoop! Whoop! Way to go girl! Congrats on the Patch of Sun quilt and the March fmq challenge. Your fmq is lovely, I very much like your four petal flowers or clovers. Wonderful work.. great eye candy.

  4. You definitely get a Whoop Whoop for that lovely little quilt! Just love it!!!

  5. Looks great! You did a wonderful job of the quilting.

  6. LOVE it! Those yellows are so pretty and very befitting of the name. Your FMQ is awesome! Love the Sulky yellow thread that grey heath binding. The EEB on the back is really a wall-hanging on it's own, it is so fun. Beautifully done! And thanks for linking up!

    xo -E

  7. Your quilting is fantastic.
    I love the way this turned out. The whole piece just thrills my heart!

  8. Love that disappearing nine patch on the back as well.

  9. Perfect greeting for your entry! Love the EEB:)

    How's Norm?

  10. Yeah for letting the sunshine in! Your daughter is creative too ~

  11. What a doubly beautiful quilt!

  12. beautiful, beautiful. has your daughter claimed it?

  13. Love both sides! How totally cheerful.


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