Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Sundry 3-25-12

It's been a pretty good week, all things considered.  Spring continues with its early show.  The daffodils, among other things, are in full bloom already, a full month ahead of schedule.  

Dad has set up his lawn furniture.

If you're thinking, What the hillbilly is that? you are not alone, my friend.  That was my reaction exactly.  All except for one word, that is.
"If you've re-purposed your dining room chair for the outdoors by screwing the seat to a might be a redneck."  Jeff Foxworthy would be more eloquent than that, but good lord.
Anyway, Dad seems happy with his creation.  "Glad you got to see me!" as he likes to say.

Iron Work
Come Friday night, I needed some therapy...sewing therapy, that is.  I headed on down to the basement sewing room and got started on blocks for the Iron Work Quilt Along.
I have one more "bar" of the asterisk to finish on these smaller blocks, but the big ones are done.  

I did swap out two of the solids for their deeper colored counterparts.  I'm using what I believe is called Pumpkin instead of Apricot, and another deeper turquoise for Ocean.  The other ones were just a tad too light, it seemed.  I had just barely enough of the orange and turquoise from a previous project to cut these pieces out, but I'm glad it worked out.  I really like how this is going together.

Mad Crazy!
I'm pretty stoked for the season premier of Mad Men tonight.  Will you be watching?  I believe it's a two-hour special.  It's been on hiatus for so long, I can hardly remember where things left off, though I'm sure it'll all come back to me once it starts.

We also watched Sense and Sensibility, the 2008 BBC version, this week and it was excellent!  Dan Stevens plays the part of Edward Ferrars.  He is the one who played Matthew in Downton Abbey.  And the "bad boy" character in Sense and Sensibility is also in the movie, My Week with Marilyn, which we watched last night, as is Jim Carter, the actor who plays Mr. Carson, the butler in Downton Abbey.  But the shining star in My Week with Marilyn is Michelle Williams.  Brilliant!

Something's Fishy
We laugh at this sign on a regular basis.  Today, I managed to snap a picture while we waited for our food.  Would you like fries your peanut butter chocolate banana WALLEYE?

Stormin' Norman
Norm had a followup appointment at the orthopedic surgeon on Thursday.  The fracture has not started healing yet but it has not moved either, and that's a good thing.  So he is to remain in the Stormtrooper-like immobilizer at all times, except when showering, which is what he was doing when I snapped this pic.
He's got the dance down now for getting in and out of the shower.  Face west, feet together, left foot over the tub edge, extend left arm to reach the grab bar, shift weight from crutches to left foot, bend right leg until you say ouch, "point your right toe like a ballerina," I remind him, so it clears the tub edge, aaaaaaand in.  He's getting pretty good at it.  I'd give him a 9 for choreography and style.

Whether You're High or Low...
Now this woman, Janelle Monae, gets a 10! Go on, dance along like nobody's watching!


  1. Wow the stump chair is very inventive! A few more and he could have a camp fire style BBQ!
    The blocks look great, darker colours always stand out more!
    What an odd that really all one flavour?
    Hahaha the shower dance!

  2. Wow P. you had so many things to blog about today. love it! That chair, I mean top half of it certainly made a nice one, huh! Thank you for sharing. I'm still laughing seeing that seat! Hugs

  3. My rancher brother-in-law says that same thing and you know, I always am glad I got to see him! Great lawn chair:)
    Beautiful blocks...I love your colors!
    I've watched that video a few times. I love great choreography that features fully clothed dancers.

    If I don't laugh out loud at least twice while reading one of your posts, I go back and read again. I must have missed something!

  4. Certainly, the walleye is a joke ingredient in the peanut butter chocolate banana creation.

    On to the important stuff: That ironwork quilt is AMAZING! I love the colors; they are so dynamic.

    Your dad's lawn chair is, um, nice. And we have daffodils too! So pretty and cheerful. They're right on schedule here.

    Loved Janelle Monae. Great dancing and fun video. Do you watch Dancing With the Stars? Such a fun show. Perhaps since you and Norm have a little extra TV watching time on your hands you could check it out. The season opener was last Monday, but everyone gets to dance again tonight and the first elimination is tomorrow. Last week's show was the BEST first night ever. ALL of the dancers were really great. There are some really well-known stars this season, like Melissa Gilbert, Gladys Knight, Jaleel White, Martina Navirtalova (spelling). Sometimes it is a bunch of obscure reality stars or models or people you've never heard of. But this season is amazing!

    xo -E

  5. Aww your dad is a cutie..will he be making anymore appearances? He seems like a natural:)

    I like your description of your hubby's routine for showers---keeping it real and hysterical;)

  6. Your Dad’s lawn furniture cracked me up. Thats one of the coolest ideas I’ve ever seen . Can he come over and make me a whole set?

    Im loving the ironwork blocks.
    They’re something special.

    And oh my goodness P – Norms storm trooper outfit is going to keep my chuckling all day at work (where Im supposed to be the epitome of professionalism !)

  7. Looooved the music clip, gotta get a pair of those shoes LOL.

  8. Beautiful daffodils! And those iron work blocks are very intriguing.

    The sign cracked up! Thanks for the giggle.


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