Monday, April 9, 2012

Muggin' and Peepin'

It was necessary—necessary, I tell you—to go to the Goodwill store this morning.  Since I am making coffee every morning for the rehabbing hubs, it has come to my attention that he likes a certain type of coffee mug.  Hey, we all have our preferences.  That left a choice of two in our cupboards, one with the name of my former employer emblazoned across it and one with snowflakes on it, neither of which I particularly wanted to be reminded of first thing every morning.

So he needed some new mugs, is what I'm saying.  I found these.

The retro kite was cool and seemed appropriate for this time of year, but the singing cow really cracked me up!
The green and yellow floral is mine.  Not that I really needed a mug, but why not?  It's pretty and springy, and for 49 cents, you really can't go wrong.
My daughter and her boyfriend came for dinner Saturday evening.  She still looks forward to an Easter basket.  I also gave her the table topper/wall hanging she designed with some leftover HSTs, called A Patch of Sun.
Do you know how difficult it is to find Easter candy without dairy in it?  Thank goodness for jellybeans and Peeps and the marzipan egg.  The Reese Pieces were wishful thinking, as it turned out.  My geezer eyes got tired of reading the fine print list of ingredients before I made it to the very last word, which was MILK.  Oops.  Those went to her boyfriend.
Lucky for me, they make sugar-free Peeps!
M. helped me lay out the H2H quilt after dinner.  I'm loving this one!  I'm going to start sewing it together this afternoon.
As I trimmed the nine-patch squares, I put all my trimmings into a little dish.  It looked like a little nest when I got through.
This chick didn't last long enough to get too comfy!


  1. I'm laughing out loud...again! The cow did it:)

    I'll bet your daughter was thrilled to get "A Patch of Sun"!

  2. That really is a great mug. Imagine singing that to your partner!

    Love the Easter basket! I can only have dairy free too..

    The quilt looks great so far =D

  3. The singing cow is sure to bring a smile. Your quilt looks great! I didn't know that there were sugar-free peeps.

  4. We each had a nice sewing experience with a daughter! I really like the one the two of you worked on!

    My daughter came for the weekend by surprise. She had a LOT of friends she needed to spend time with so we only got her for about 4 hours before we had to bring her to the bus to go back but we sewed a new lining for her purse and I showed her how to use a stitching awl to reattach the strap. This girl has a LOT of purses but I guess she really likes this one. :) More importantly, it was a lovely way to spend the time! together

  5. We don't have Peeps here. They look so darn cute.

    And can one ever have enough coffee mugs. I have about 50 of them (and I'm finicky about what I drink my morning coffee from too!

  6. P., the goofy things you come up with. I love it! Love it, I tell you. That peep in a nest of trimmings. Too funny!

    I'm absolutely loving your Hands2Help quilt. Wow! It's a good thing you're a quilter, because you really know how to make fabric sing.

    Great Easter basket! Just a suggestion for the future: clothes or hobby supplies do not have milk in them ;).

    Also, loving that peek of A Patch of Sun. You did a really great job with the quilting.

    xo -E


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