Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap

A sweet friend sent me an email Friday that there was a big stash of Pyrex at the local Goodwill.  What a great tip!  

Unfortunately, I had not checked my email until right before starting a work shift, so I couldn't go there immediately.  As you might suppose, by the time I did make it there, it was crickets in the Pyrex department.  Nothing left.

But all was not lost.  In my quest to scour the shelves for any misplaced or wandering Pyrex, I found some other treasures, like this vintage picnic basket.

I'm typing "picnic basket" here, but in my head, I'm hearing a Yogi Bear voice say "pic-a-nic basket."  Also, "Mr. Forest Ranger, sir."  You too, now?  Sorry, Boo-Boo.

Classic cartoon references aside, I also found a couple cute metal recipe boxes.  One probably dates to the late 1950s or early '60s and the other one with the strawberry motif is probably late '70s, early '80s.

That makes four such boxes in my house...another collection, yikes!

I knew nothing about these vintage serving bowls except that I liked them.  There were two, and who am I to separate twins?  

They will be brimming with with freshly picked raspberries in the coming months, and green beans.  Not together, though.  You really do need two different bowls for that.

There was more sewing this weekend too, since the weather was deciding to be all cool, cloudy, damp, and April-like.  I just holed up in the sewing room and knocked out a couple more scrappy string rings.

I think this one is my favorite so far:

On second thought, maybe it's this one...

...or was it this one?

Okay, I really can't pick a favorite because they're all winners.  I'm halfway there—six more to go!

I also made a few more string blocks for the String Thing Along charity quilt that Brenda will be putting together.  These will go in the mail tomorrow morning.

What kind of trouble (or fun) did you get into this weekend?


  1. The Yogi bear voice is stuck in my head now! Some great finds there, it's a shame you missed out on the Pyrex! Love the string rings (reminds me of cheese ha!)
    What a mouth full String Thing Along! =D

  2. Great picnic basket! Looks to be in good shape.
    Your dresden rings are terrific:)

  3. The recipe boxes are sweet! I have my three - they belonged to my grandmothers and my Mom.

  4. Darn Pyrex snatchers;)

    love the string blocks---great colors!

  5. Love the string rings .. and the pic-a-nic basket is beautiful! hey hey boo boo!

  6. Cute picnic basket! And cute recipe boxes! I love that one with the strawberries. It reminds me of some dishes my mom got in the late 70's by saving up "stamps" from the grocery store & then redeeming full cards of stamps for dishes.

    Also, LOVE that little string block you did. The zig-zag effect is awesome.

    And finally, those string Dresdens are awesome sauce. I love looking at them and going, "hey, I recognize that fabric. And that one. And that one." It makes me happy when fabric gets used instead of just sitting in boxes.

    xo -E

  7. Methinks your friend is an enabler! But Im sorry the pyrex stashed was cleaned out by the time you got there.

    Those recipe boxes look like they’re in great condition.

    Im going to be working pic-a-nic into my conversations all day now!

  8. Hey, Boo-Boo! *Grins* You have a loverly pic-a-nic basket, hee-hee!
    Your scrappy rings are great, what a cool quilt this will be ~


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