Friday, June 8, 2012

Favorite Things Friday ~ Four Things

I have more than one favorite thing this week.

First, this bar from Harry & David.  It is really, really good.  Smooth, rich dark chocolate, with nary a hint of charcoal, which is what the hubs and I joke that the ultra-dark stuff can sometimes taste like.

The wrapper says it's "Deeper and more satisfying."  Well, I don't know about that.  Are we still talking about chocolate here?

I don't usually shop at Harry & David.  You all probably know that discount and thrift stores are more my scene, but here is where I tell you why I ventured into H&D in the first place:  Free coffee sample.  Try to act surprised.

However, I am glad to have found this chocolate (on sale) which does not have dairy ingredients, as that kind is hard to find.  Both Walmart and Target have recently stopped carrying the two other brands I really liked and could eat, darn it.

Number two favorite this week is—no surprise—another thrift store vintage fabric.  This one came from St. Vinny's.  One yard of 27" wide vintage Christmas fabric for, are you ready, 75 cents.  I know, right?

I love that vintage green!  The words and snowflakes are in a silver print.  It reminds me of the old glass ornaments with white or silver writing we had on the tree as a kid.

Third favorite is this old computer desk hauled up from the basement last month, which is now functioning as a nice potting bench in the garage.  Slide out the keyboard drawer and you can fit a whole flat of flowers on it.  And to think we were going to put this out at the curb.

Fourth, the new album by Band of Skulls.  I about wore out their first CD a couple years ago.  You might recognize their music from this Ford Mustang commercial.  For a three-piece band, they can both rock it out and do mellow, sweet harmonies.  Here's one of the softer tunes.  If you make it to the four-minute mark, there is a blasting 30-second guitar solo, followed by some smooth fretwork that soothes everything out once again.  I love surprises like that in music.

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Sara said...

"Are we still talking about chocolate here?" Is this PG or R? hehehe funny!!

I love your clever garden stand:)

Karen said...

Fabulous fabric, I think I've seen that in another color. The potting bench is perfect :)

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Nice up-cycle! Love the little wagon, too.

As for the chocolate...nope, not going there:)

Cherie said...

You find such awesome things! Ha the slogan on the chocolate..I'm sure they don't think about the minds of the buyers =D

I'm having a giveaway on my blog. There is one extra day to enter =D

bj said...

I am TOTALLY in love with your potting bench. Now, I will be on the lookout for one, I'll paint it sea glass green and pot those plants coming and going. :))

Unknown said...

I have been looking for something for my sunroom to pot my plants in. This is a really great idea! How creative of you. I may have to copy the idea!

Elizabeth said...

That computer desk upcycled to a potting bench is genius! I love it!

I'm not a big fan of dark chocolate. But I love that little mini it is sitting on. Speaking of minis, I don't think I told you that the mini you made me is sitting on top of the shelves in my new sewing spot. You couldn't really see it in the pictures I posted the other week.

That vintage Christmas fabric is a really amazing find. I can't wait to see what amazing thing you do with it.

Oh, I just got to the four-minute mark on the Band of Skulls. I see what you mean. Interesting group.

Great FTF!

xo -E


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