Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Sundry 6-3-12

We spent the morning yesterday at a flea market.  The night before, I had talked about not going, as I'd had a busy week and a leftover to-do list as long as my arm.  But Saturday dawned bright and pleasantly cool, so we headed off on the spur of the moment, in spite of myself.

Armed with a cuppa joe and a little change in my pocket going ching-a-ling-a-ling, we found ourselves strolling the flea.  And you know what I bought—the only thing?  Bison.

Buffalo Gals Won't You Come out Tonight...
Yep, bison—as in meat from a local farmer who raises 'em grass fed.  And last night, it was what's for dinner.  Bison burger, a big honkin' one-third pound patty, and some grilled asparagus with red peppers on the side.  It was wonderful.  Absolutely no weird or gamey flavor whatsoever.  Better than beef, no kidding.

So where did the Pyrex come from?  Well, Norm found the chartreuse bowl for me last week.  I found the aqua casserole yesterday after we got home from the flea market.  We weren't quite done junking, I guess, because we ambled downtown and stopped at St. Vinny's where I spotted the casserole, complete with a layer of dirt and grease, but no price tag.

At the counter, I pointed out the lack of a tag to the clerk.  "How about a dollar?" I offered, expecting to get a laugh in return. 

"I was thinking more like a dollar and a half," said the clerk.  Well, who could argue with that? I took it home for an hour-long soak in hot, soapy water, and it came completely clean.

Shawnee (How I Love Ya, How I Love Ya)
Norm also bought me this cool V-shaped Shawnee planter last weekend while out with a friend.  I think it's part of the Touche line from the mid-'50s, in a speckled, or salt-and-pepper glaze. 

This thing has about a 13-inch wingspan, but it's not real deep or wide.  What would you plant in it?  

For now, I think I'll just plant some fabric.

I will be back in a day or two to share a finished quilt.  I got one back from the longarm quilter this week and finished binding it last night.  Somewhere on my to-do list is a photo shoot!


  1. I love flea markets but they seem to only have new things or socks! I have never tried bison but have heard it is delicious. Love the planter! I wouldn't 'dirty' it with potting soil. Your idea sounds better...or maybe in the kitchen or bath to hold utensils or soap?

  2. A buck fifty!? I'd say it was highway robbery but that is a steal.

  3. You always find the best things! LOVE the pyrex. I've never eaten bison, but sure sounds delicious the way you've described it. Happy Sunday! :)

  4. What great buys! Better than beef! GASP!
    Love the dishes. You can't go wrong for a dollar fifty. Yes planting fabric sounds good.
    Loving the mug rug in the picture too =D

  5. I think I’d go some pretty herbs in that planter.

    Bargain pyrex. At a buck fifty I would have been on that like a seagull on a chip. Ive been keeping an eye out for Aussie pyrex for you but no luck so far. Perhaps we weren’t as into it as our Northern friends seem to have been.

    You will never get me eating bison.

  6. I'd use that pretty v-shaped planter to hold cut tulips in season - imagine them resting on each side of the v, with their stems in cool water in the bottom and their heads hanging off each side...

  7. I'd use that pretty v-shaped planter to hold cut tulips in season - imagine them resting on each side of the v, with their stems in cool water in the bottom and their heads hanging off each side...

  8. I haven't tried bison yet,but I only hear good things about it:) And peppers are becoming a staple around here with mushroom.....oh now I am getting hungry---time to go to bed!

  9. Bison is very good!
    I'm not sure what to do with the planter, but it's looks good on the mug rug:)

  10. I love the fabrics in that mini under the pot. And you could grow an ivy in there. Maybe with a little trellis? Even with out the trellis, it would look pretty trailing across both sides? Or maybe a fern.

    Bison? Really? There's a drive-in near my mom's house that serves bison and buffalo burgers. I've never tried one. I like my meat to come from the main three (cow, pig, chicken). You are so brave with the things you'll eat.

    And whohoo for a finished quilt! Can't wait to see it!

    xo -E


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