Friday, June 22, 2012


Since we have now marked the summer solstice (and how can that be already?), I decided it was high time to put a summery looking quilt on my bed.

Why do I need a quilt on my bed in the summer?  Because I go to bed freezing, as the A/C is set to hubby the polar bear's preference.  But then, because I am of an age when all hormones break loose, I wake at 4:30 a.m. to throw ALL the covers off, sheet included, until the hotness passes.  Twenty or so minutes later, I pull at least the sheet and comforter back on.  Lather, rinse, and repeat for another couple hours, and you get my drift.  I love mornings.

Anyway, since there hasn't been a whole lot of work on quilts this week, at least I can look at a different one on my bed.

I did get all the center circles fused onto the string Dresdens, and tonight I machine stitched one down along the outer circle, as well as the inner centers. I've got another one ready to stitch down...whenever.

The progress on this quilt has been slow, and I think things will continue to move along on it incrementally for the foreseeable future.  Did I mention I'm helping my dad get a book written?  Yeah, so there's that.  Plus regular life, work, other things that need doing in the summer, etc.  Always something.

Norm went back to work half days this week (happy dance!), after three months off for his work injury.  It's nice to have a more of a normal routine again.  I have felt more focused and productive in those four, quiet hours between 8 and noon this past week than I have in a long time.  

So I guess I really do love mornings—after I am out of bed, that is.


  1. My MIL is going through the whole night sweats too right now. Something to NOT look forward to;/

    The dresdens are looking very classy P.

  2. I go through the same's a lovely time:) Very pretty quilt!

    I hope you keep us posted on your dad's book. From the stories you share, it should be interesting!

    Good for Norm and you! Three months is a long time.

  3. The quilt is gorgeous! HaH the process sounds funny. I tend not to wake up, but it does get very stuffy.
    I like the new centers on the string Dresdens!
    The book sounds interesting =D

  4. I love that quilt - and why wouldn't you have a quilt on the bed anyway regardless of heat/cold? :) YOU are a Quilter, right!?! Tell us more about the book!

  5. Summer here is HOT and I still have a quilt of some description on my bed so I dont think you're nuts at all.

    Im the polar bear at Maison Pyjamas.

    Im so glad to hear you have some time to yourself. When Mr. P is home on my day off it throws my entire routine out of whack !

  6. Call it a Caribbean moment - it makes it more fun!! Kind of like going on a short vacation that you don't have to use sun screen for...... ;-)

    Your dresdens are lovely, and oh, that quilt!! Definitely summery!!

  7. Even though it is summer, I sometimes turn my electric blanked on at night.

    Love how those string ring dresdens are coming along! Slow and steady wins the race.

    And I LOVE the Kaleidoscope quilt on your bed. It looks fantastic!

    xo -E

    P.S. I didn't remember that you were helping your dad put a book together. Wow!

  8. The quilt looks beautiful on your bed. I use a quilt in the summers too because of the AC.
    Love what you're doing with the dresden circles.

  9. Such a happy, happy quilt! I love it. And that's okay if the Dresdens are taking awhile. Just means we get to keep looking at them longer. :-)

    As for hormonal issues, may I recommend the Combipatch 50/250?

  10. I can so relate to the wide temperature fluctuations at night!


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