Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Tuesday...

Feels like a Monday to me, how about you?  Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. 

I started what may be a baby quilt on Saturday.  I am told the mother-to-be does not like pink.  She is expecting a baby girl. 

As you can see, I am doing what I can to help her overcome this.  ;)

We celebrated my dad's 80th birthday yesterday.  Fortunately, we got most of the grilling done between the raindrops and had a dry place inside the garage to enjoy the festivities.

My brothers played an impromptu mini-concert for Dad.  Since Glen Campbell is Dad's favorite singer, they were sure to include one of his songs.  My brother Darrell, on guitar, had the lyrics written in his notebook (they're a bit complicated in parts), which daughter M. dutiful held for him.  It was a great time!

I uploaded two other songs they did, Drift Away and Sweet Home Alabama.  The latter cracks me up.  When one trips up, the other is there to set him back on track.  And, yes, they do know the right words, but apparently like to have fun with them sometimes.


  1. Oooh I like the look of that potential baby quilt. Looks like my kind of scrappiness.

    Happy Birthday to your Dad. 80 is certainly something to celebrate. Your brothers be rocking the tunes good!

  2. Interesting start on the quilt.
    Hope he had a great day =D

    p.s Would you mind turning your word verification off please and thanks =D

  3. love that quilt sounds like you'll had a really good weekend

  4. Well, I enjoyed your video so much, next thing ya know, Larry and Jerry were in here grinning to the songs, too! Tell your Daddy I hope he has the best of birthday years. Yep, a party like that with strummin' and toe tappin' is usually the best kind of good times, thanks for the share!

  5. I"m one of those people who feels like there can just be too much pink. Those pieces have enough to see the pink, and make it "this is a girl"-e but the other colors help it not be too overwhelming. The bright colors are very cheerful, and _I_ like it. And that's what's important... :^)

  6. I bet your Dad loved it! Very nice guitar work.

    Girls and pink will find each other eventually so you may as well start with a cute quilt:)

  7. You crack me up - "I'm doing what I can to help her overcome this....."

    It's going to be a beautiful quilt, I think!

    Tell your dad happy birthday from me!!

  8. First, pink is awesome!

    Second I'm so glad the party turned out. I loved listening to a little bit of your jam session. I think my favorite was Sweet Home Alabama (love that song). The harmonies were great, but the one you posted here was a close second. What a fun thing to do -- sit around and make music together. Why did you play with them? Now that's something I'd definitely love to see.

    xo -E

  9. Love the videos! Tell Uncle Don Happy Birthday for us. Love y'all!


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