Tuesday, May 15, 2012


But harsh, what light through yonder (dirty) window breaks?
It is the west, but Pyrex is the sun...

It was probably the movie we saw this weekend that has me
perverting Shakespeare.  (The movie was called Anonymous.  Quite good, actually.)  

Unfortunately, iambic pentameter won't spiff up my godawful windows.  Guess I better get outside with a ladder and squeegee soon.

Anyway, these are my thrift finds from the weekend, i.e., the things I bought at Goodwill instead of a vintage Singer sewing machine. 

'Shrooms!  They were just too cute!  Which, strangely, is not what I thought in the 1970s when this kind of thing was popular.  Watch out, the next thing you know, I'll tie a cord to my big toe and macrame an owl.  Seriously, I had a friend in high school (in said '70s) who did a crap-ton of macrame, and she started every project by tying the macrame cording to her big toe.  I am not making this up.

And oh, speaking of Shakespeare—back before my mind wandered back to "ye good ole days," (not to be confused with Happy Days, which was to '70s TV what That '70s Show was to the '00s)—

They are filming a new Romeo and Juliet, by screenwriter Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey writer), and starring Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth, an extraordinarily pretty young man.  I first saw him in Great Expectations a month or so ago and almost stopped breathing (which you may too; click that link to a photo on IMDB).

*Ye ole swoon.*

This post reads like it was written on 'shrooms.  I promise I'm only under the influence of fatigue.

A thousand times good night!


  1. This reminded me of my junior prom, 1973, for which we fabricated giant mushrooms and painted them neon colors to glow in the black lights. Those were the days.

    I can see how that big toe thing would work:)

  2. I always learn interesting phrases when I read your posts. Todays fav is 'crap ton' :D

  3. My windows are filthy. And I'm not cleaning them til the pollen and rains go away! ☺

    I liked your rendition of Shakespeare. And I saw a piece of Pyrex at a tag sale yesterday and thought of you. Would've bought it if it hadn't had a large crack in it. You always find the best Pyrex!!!

    Happy Tuesday, friend! ☺

    PS...He IS pretty. Bet his Mommas smothered him in kisses when he was a baby. ☺

  4. Ah the windows! Ours look just as bad so forget about them.
    Some great thrify finds there. Wish our shops had interesting stuff like that in them!
    There need not be another Romeo and Juliet the new age one did the old one justice..why make another! For shame!

  5. I can still see out of my windows (Just ) so they'll be waiting for a Spring clean,which is still 4 months away.

    I remember when mushrooms adorned everything which means Im older than dirt. Great find!

  6. Oh, my heck. You are too funny! I loved this post!

    First, Downton Abbey. I started recording it after you mentioned it the first time. I need to find the episodes I'm missing and get caught up. I was kind of waiting for Mr. But to watch it with me, but I don't think that will ever happen. We barely keep up with our other shows because his work schedule is so upside down.

    Second, macrame? I'm pretty sure that if it were the last craft on earth I wouldn't try it. Seriously.

    And I totally "get" the part about not liking 70's stuff the first time around. I'm not sure if I like it even now. And honestly, if the 80's every come back in vogue, I'm going to flatly refuse to even consider liking them again. Right now, I'm kind of infatuated with the 50's.

    My mom had that pattern of Pyrex and Corelle dishes. She got them when she got married. She still has the silverware that matches.

    I'm kind of bouncing all over the place, but back to Anonymous. I'd forgotten about that movie. I'm going to have to put it in ye ole Netflix queue. And Great Expectations as well. That photo of Douglas is definitely a swooner.

    Thanks for the laugh!

    xo -E

  7. Hello P. I just found your blog ... we seem to like a lot of the same things, so I'll be back. I'm definitely going to make a table mat. I have done something similar (love turning through the hole), but will try one with rick rack and no batting. I did a lot of MACRAME back in the day. A couple of years ago I needed plant hangers for my screened in porch so the cats couldn't reach the plants and I remembered how to do it!!


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